Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wanda Said the Blog Was Languishing!!! Quick Robin! To the Bat Blog!

Of course, Wanda made that comment back in late June and now it's mid-July. And the last post was in April. Ugh. Maybe it's worse than languishing. Maybe, it's just plain dead.

But that's okay. We'll be Zombieblog.

Just a few tidbits:
  • No idea where Ken is at this moment. For all I know, he's ZombieKen.
  • There is no worse food trifecta than mayonnaise, Spaghettios, and sugar beets. Good luck trying.
  • Toy Story 3 & Despicable Me were both very cute and worth seeing, although I have to say, taking a family to the movies is no longer a fiscally reasonable thing to do. I do it anyway, but it's cheaper, for instance, to go see a pro baseball game. That said, I'm gonna be seeing Inception very soon.
  • Speaking of baseball, the Cincinnati Reds are in first place at the All-Star Break! Go Reds!
  • And sportswise, the Miami Dolphins open training camp in less than two weeks - HURRAY!!!
  • Psych, Season 5, starts... TONIGHT!!!

We'll just see where blogging takes me here in the next few days, weeks, and months. It sure would be nice to be disciplined about something, so there you go!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I'd about given up on the blog. On a whim, I turn up and see new posts. Wow! But the last one was a while ago. How about if I promise to stop by more often, you'll post more often. Deal?