Thursday, April 13, 2006

Poopy Doopy

That's right. I've lost my mind and actually titled this post "poopy-doopy".

I had a half-dozen sorta serious, staying with the theme, life ponderable-type posts running around in my head. And when it came time to start typing, suddenly the word (although Webster doesn't seem to back this classification up) poopy-doopy popped, if you will, into my mind. And it wouldn't leave.

How does one work poopy-doopy into a post anyway I thought? (Though many of you may be thinking that "Why?" is a better question.) Then, I had an idea.

Which is exactly why Rich pays me in turnip greens and black-eyed peas from the Popeye's buffet (and occasionally Taco Bell or Captain D's if I'm really earning my keep) to be his co-author.

I'm an idea man, baby! And you can't put a price on that. (Well, that's not exactly true, we did put a price on it once, $1,034.56/yr. But he wanted me to work on Valentine's Day. And I told him there was no way in Hades I was working Valentine's Day without some sort of dental plan. And then, we got hungry, and the rest is history.)

But anyway, back to the idea. I thought hey, why not look and see if anyone has ever walked this mile before. Perhaps someone back in the late 60's (not in their late 60's, but the years 1967, 1968, or 1969 (and you could even include 1966, if you're one of those people)) once blogged and used the "word" poopy-doopy.

So, I went to Technorati, the blog search engine for sexy people, and searched on the use of poopy-doopy. And much to my surprise, not 1 or even 2 posts came back as a match. THERE WERE 18, ONE-EIGHT poopy-doopy hits and not one was even as far back as the early 70's. They were all in the last 365 days.

This, quite frankly, was amazing to me. I was stunned. Amazed. How is this possible, I puzzled. Has Rich been secretly taking someone else across the border? Could it be that... gulp...there were other ideapersons (This politically correct moment brought to you by the "word" poopy-doopy) besides me? People like nimrodpunk4455 and Shizzy Will, the Shizzy superhero of the new generation?

But not to be outdone, I quickly formulated a plan (which is like an idea only you pretend like you're going to do something afterward): I'll pick other strange or nonsensical words out of the dictionary or my own head, and see what happens. Maybe even challenge you guys to try and out-do the the idea man.

And ouila, there's a post. Perhaps, even a Post Of The Two-Thousand-Six Year (POTTY) award winner (requisite really far stretch for a bad joke).

But don't worry, the serious stuff is still coming (maybe with fewer parentheticals).

So, here's some others I tried listed with their results. Let me hear yours.

In my dictionary
penury (1,814)
foppish (1,662)
solecism (502)
dubbin (440)
umiak (80)

Not in my dictionary
frufru (423)
badang (246)
ritzel (156)
skoonch (1)
razzafracking (1)


DugALug said...


Why don't you claim that you, yourself, came up with 'Poopy-Doopy' many years ago; copyright it and then sue all of these other 'violators' of your copyright? It seems like the American way these days!


DugALug said...


Oh by the way: nice to see you posting again.


Rich said...

Great post, Ken.

Rich said...

Really thoughtful post, Ken.

DugALug said...

'Dugalug' is only used 3 times... by you realmfolk.


Rich said...

Like where this concept might be taking you, Ken.

P&S said...

It was a ten-pack of cool chat, baby.

Rich said...

Banner post, my friend.