Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tonight's the Night!!!

Boy-o-boy!!! I've been waiting for this night ever since January 1st came around. Nothing's more exciting. You guys and gals can have all your TV, sports, reading, writing, hanging around with your spouses or kids, movies, games, Bunko, poker, or whatever else you're doing tonight, but I've got you all beat. And it's not even close. That's right.

I'm doing my taxes.

Is there any single event to look forward to in a year than this one? The Super Bowl? The Oscars? Your birthday? Christmas Day? Easter? HA!!! All those pale in comparison to the one or two nights we get to do our taxes. What a privilege that the Government gives this special time. In fact, we ought to make April 15th the most special of holidays. We could all dress up like Uncle Sam (or Aunt Samantha, I guess) and parade around Independence Avenue in DC. In fact, we could get on floats and throw money to heads of Government agencies. It'd be magnificent.

But I digress. Now, as I was saying, yes... right after work I'm heading over to Staples or Best Buy, and I'm making the funnest purchase of the year for me. That's right. TURBO TAX!!! How awesome can it get??? Try saying "Turbo Tax" and not smiling. You can't do it can you. I can't either. As an added bonus, I've tacked on a pic of Turbo Tax Deluxe for everyone's viewing glee. I think I could stare at that little picture all day long. Night, too -- except then I'd miss the absolute pleasure of actually doing my taxes -- and I can't do that. And Turbo Tax doesn't come alone -- no-no. Along with it, you also get Quicken so that you can enjoy the splendid excitement of doing your finances ALL YEAR LONG!!! What can beat that, I ask you?

Life is good.

Life is sweet. Like nectar on the vine or the taste of honeysuckle.

I love today.

And tonight's my night.


DugALug said...

Party On Rich,

I broke precident this year. Not only did I do taxes early, I got money back. This is the first time in over 10 years that has happened on both accounts.

So you see there is a sick sort-of plus to not having paying work for almost 6 months! I wouldn't reccomend doing it too often though!


Rich said...

See! You couldn't stand the wait. Had to go and just dive right into the fun early, huh, Douggie?

Good job on getting money back. That can finance our tax parties.

Party on Doug.

DugALug said...


How did your Tax-fiesta go?