Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Because Something As Important As This Needs to Be Discussed in The Realm of Possibility

I'm sure most of you know that Joss Whedon is writing the script for Wonder Woman. In the link, you'll find several of the actresses rumored to be playing the lovely Amazon Princess Diana.

So, if your job was Casting Director, and you had your pic of any actress in Hollywood, who do you think would or could do the best job of pulling off the Wonder Woman character so that the picture could be taken seriously?

I'm not looking for the "sexiest" Wonder Woman or, necessarily, the young up-and-comer that might make the movie a hit, unless you really think that person could do the job. We all saw how bad having the "sexiest" Catwoman could be -- er, I take that back, almost none of us saw... Of course, a lot of it will be in the story, but you have to have the right actress to play WW.

Who is she?

[Side Note: I don't know why, but it seems like it's harder to do this than to choose a male lead to play, say, Bats or Supes. Of course, they've had a bad Bruce Wayne or two before so nothing's that easy. I still think a lead WW is a harder pick to make. Don't you?]


DugALug said...

If I were working on WW, my money would be on none other than:

Gina Tores

You may not know here, but she is Zoe on Firefly, and spent good time on Buffy. She has also been on 24 and Alias.

She is tall, beautiful and athletic and she is no stranger to Joss.


Grant Miller said...

Cameron Mannheim would make a lovely Wonder Woman

Rich said...

And the Mannheim Steamroller could cut the music for the flick, I take it?

Now that's can't-miss theater.

Brett said...

My vote is for Kate Beckinsale because... well, just because she's Kate Beckinsale.