Monday, April 17, 2006

After the Moaning and Groaning

That's right. After all the riggamarole I wrote about taxes a couple weeks ago (a week and a half? I forget), I just finished them last night. And I'm, like, way tired. In fact, the Steakhouse seasoned Oberto Beef Jerky I'm eating (and it's a gift that keeps on giving, I assure you) to try and maintain my consciousness isn't working as well as I thought it would. I may have to break down and head up the hall for the Coffee IV.

I don't really have a lot of congruent thoughts for a post right now -- but that's par for the course, right? -- however, I thought I ought to try to get something down so The Realm of Possibility doesn't seem so dead. Weekends are pretty dead around here (until Ken gets the flame again), especially holiday weekends. Speaking of which, I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Christ is Risen! He is risen, indeed!

So for my incongruent thoughts, here goes:

-- I didn't notice The Ten Commandments on last night. Wasn't that an Easter television tradition? Maybe the show came on Saturday and I just missed it. Well, I probably would have missed it anyway. Still, it's comforting to know somebody's watching it. I guess nobody was last night.

-- 24. Looking forward to that if I can pry my eyelids open after my son's baseball game tonight. So far, both my son's teams are 0-1, and neither game has been close. Both those teams could use a Jack Bauer.

-- We had a great Easter. Threw a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. After church on Sunday, which was also great, we had a family get-together with all my in-laws on my wife's side. Feasted, played basketball, another egg hunt... just a joyous day. The night wasn't so hot. Taxes, or have I mentioned...

-- The NFL Draft is two weeks away. That's correct, I'm one of those idiots.

-- My wife mentioned that there's a Five K-run next weekend. Not sure if she meant for me or for her. If for her, I guess she's saying (without saying - communication's our thing, y'know) she needs me to watch the kids. If for me, I'm not sure what she's trying to say. I'm okay with windsprints, even suicides, but anything over a mile straight and I'm just looking to make it to the next house with every step I go. Plus, I've been losing weight - a little at least. She must mean it's for her.

-- I'm going to give that Coming Up Sevens post two more days before posting the correct answers. Everybody's probably looked by now anyway, all two of you. And as long as I'm slipping stuff in about posts, I'll just ask here where I know Ken won't read down to: what did you guys think about his re-run of the Poopy Doopy post and then his Haiku? I'm thinking I need to give him a hard time again. Actually, the Haiku was kind of clever. Running poopy-doopies over again was a cheap way of him telling me he was going to get something up that day (night, as it turned out). Heck, I've got hundreds (literally, now) of crappy posts I could re-run. I just spare the public. Ah, "Ken"... I say the word and just shake my head.

-- The prize my wife received for taking our daughter to church (Sunday School last week) for the first time since baby dedication was a case of Pink Eye. We've had sort of a running disagreement. I've sort of said we should go ahead and take our babies to church after six months (or even less, really) at home, and she likes to keep them away from church for at least a year because of the germ aspect. Well, this latest episode didn't help my case, and it'll probably be 18 months now before my daughter harkens the doors of the church again.

Now, I've gotta go to work, so it's back to the moaning and groaning.


DugALug said...


Right back at ya Buddy:

I asked how your tax-fiesta was going no reply... man no love!

I asked if you guys burried you differences and your writer's critique? Apparently not and no reply to boot... no love again!

Children and germs: that's a serious bummer about the pink-eye, but don't let that scare ya! There are numerous studies that say that exposing kids to germs makes them healthier. Here is an article on on of those studies:

Children and germs

I thinking that there should be a a minimum post size and 17 sylables doesn't cut it. Just my own thought here. (Haiku and Red Check come to mind).

5k? Isn't that a candy bar for fat people? Ahhhh I'm a kidder.

Mucho-amore compadre.


Rich said...

Well, after my post on taxes, I was a little ashamed to admit I hadn't completed them, so, yeah, I just didn't answer (until now).

To your second question: Ken and I don't really have differences so much as we have CHASMS and CHASMS of abyss-like space between what one of us thinks as compared to the other. So, yes, I buried every part of Ken I could in that abyss.

Da wifey just thinks it's horrible for infants to suffer when they can't explain or understand the problems they have. When they're one or two and can sort of talk to you, and understand the good of the torture that is putting in eyedrops, it's easier to get them integrated with other kids and their various maladies because when they get sick, they understand it better. I don't think it's hurt my boys at all to not to have been in church that first year. They run around like they own the place now. It's just that if I had my druthers, we'd all be there. Harmony trumps my druthers in ten out of ten cases.

That's a good rule on post size. It'd be better if it was a rule specific to Ken, just in case I want to throw up a freebie. Ken shouldn't get those because I'm... a hypocrite... and he's not. So there.

There's a "five-k"... what does that mean?

DugALug said...

Harmony trumps my druthers in ten out of ten cases.

Amen to that amigo.


P&S said...

I'm standing right here. You guys talk about me like I'm invisible.

And it... sniff, sniff.. it hurts.

P&S said...

BTW, I love riggamarole. It's my favorite dish at church pot-luck dinners.

DugALug said...


Get with it man! The boat is leaving you far behind. I miss your insightful posts. How else am I going to brush up on my twisted theology?! You're crippling me.

It is me? Is it my hat? Some people say that this hat makes them a little angry. (Uncle Buck... Rich I forgot to add that to my list of funny movies).


DugALug said...


Have I not kindly posted on most all of your posts... no matter how lame they were?

Sniff Sniff... now I am hurt!