Thursday, April 13, 2006

Really Quick Now

A few things:

1) Uh, I think I swung and missed on trying to post yesterday. Well, actually, I probably just stood at the plate and watched three strikes go by. Just a lot going on. Sorry about that.

2) After last night, it sounds like the Dorkman release date is being moved up once again to early August. Since my b-day's in early August, I'll count it as a gift like no other. We should receive edits early in May, and then it should be a pretty whirlwind process. The earlier release date is good on a couple fronts. First, we might beat school openings, which is a good thing. Then, at this point, the sooner the better as to seeing the "Pearce & Story" moniker on a real, live book. Lastly, locally, there's some marketing reasons and potential signings by which we may benefit from with the book coming out at the first of August as opposed to the first of September. So, we're excited to say the very least.

3) I may not be the only person to put up a post today here in The Realm of Possibility. Not naming any names, but maybe we all have something to look forward to. Of course, I make no promises.

4) Penultimately (and I'll always love using that word), harkening back to the Golden Age of the Realm (or was it the Bronze? or was it the Quartz Age? or maybe the Talc Age - oh bother, who cares), I'll be putting out another Top Ten list in the next day or two that no one in the world could possibly care about, so we can all disregard that.

5) Lastly, I think I mentioned my oldest son's team (the Angels) got drilled 16-3 in their first machine pitch baseball game - blame the coaching (the other team's coaches did - nice to hear all their comments on how ridiculous our team was when I was coaching third base late in the game - grrrrrrr! it just makes it so easy to love others... UGH!!! Many thoughts that other historical Christians might have had go thru your head at a time like this, one such being, "I wish they were being fed to the lions." Of course I jest... mostly). Anyway, my younger son's team, the Devil Rays (Angels & Devils, we got it all covered in the Pearce household), have their first tee-ball game tonight, so hopefully we can get back on the winning track.

Okay. That's it. Nothing much else to say, and I've got to run. You're free to stop reading now. Seriously, you can. You don't have to keep reading this trivial nothingness. You aren't still reading are you? Please, your life is more valuable than this. Still reading? Be brave. Walk away. Sigh. One last chance. Sigh (again). Okay, since you can't help yourself, I guess I'll have to be strong for you. Have a great day.

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