Thursday, January 12, 2006


Once again, our good friend Wanda has sparked another post idea. She's been reading Scott Westerfield's Midnighters series, where tridecalogisms are used. For those unfamiliar with the series, a tridecalogism simply means: a thirteen letter word.

So, and you can see it coming from a mile away, let's see who can top who in coming up with thirteen letter words that are not on Mr. Westerfield's website. There may not be many others, I have no idea. I'll start it off in the comments.

If this post ends with a comment stream of one, I'm declaring myself the Wizard of the Realm, and none shall overcome my unmitigated genius. BWOH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Uh, if it ends with zero comments, I guess I'm the Realm's court jester and shall be mocked by all. (Well, I'm pretty much mocked around here, anyway, but you get my meaning.)

[Oh, and for any of you lurkers out there, this is a great post to get in on. All you have to do is leave one word in the Comments block, and everyone reading automatically thinks your IQ is at least 150. How can you beat that?]


Rich said...

The word is: righteousness

That would make me the Wiz if no one else has one.

Betsy said...


Rich said...

Great job, Betsy!

Hey, guess what I just noticed. In my note to lurkers at the bottom of the post, I unintentionally included the word "automatically."

If I'm not mistaken, why... why... why that's a tridecalogism.
-- -- --

codepoke said...

I stumbled across Biotechnology when I was seeing what the heck allergenicity might be.

WandaV said...


Glad you liked the list. :o) Now try the books!

How about compatibility?



Rich said...

I keep finding the blasted words in things I'm writing. In my last comment above, I used the word "unintentionally" which has 15 letters. But if I cut off the prefix un-, well, there you have it:


You know, I think adverbs are the way to go. They're nowhere near as cool or thought-provoking as words like "biotechnology" or "allergenicity", but if one is going for volume, as I am, they may well do the trick.

Rich said...

Oh, and anyone who has been following this blog -- that's correct, all three of you -- might have noticed that on a post below, Ken claimed that he was the one-part diabloical genius of Pearce & Story (see his Blogger Profile for the P&S blurb). Well, take a look at all the tridecalogisms he's bantered about... a whoppin' total of plus or minus nothin'!


Be not fooled. He's the madman, not the genius. Don't let him tell you otherwise.

P&S said...

Foolhardiness, I believe, is the word you were looking for to describe my reckless daring.

But I suppose I can't expect the unintelligent to truly understand just how diabolical I am.

Rich said...


You are the most uncorrectable, irrecoverable, argumentative, untrustworthy cock-a-doodle-do that I have ever distinguished, especially for a second-guesser.

However, should the Wizard of the Realm you be, I would rather prefer not to be anathematized.

Best commendations.

WandaV said...

I believe you both belong in the cryptozoology link for all that!


P&S said...


That one was so obvious, how did we not all think of it. It must have been... what's the word? Recalcitrance on our part.

Let me just make the restipulation that I am the one-half diabolical genius. And cock-a-doodle-do should be all the evidence anyone needs.

Anonymous said...

well cock-a doodle-do on you!!!

Anonymous said...

As the administrator of this site, I think you should rule on the admissibility of alphanumerics, though in the case of darklings, that would be anachronistic.

(That's four a-words for you there.)

-scott w

Anonymous said...

It might be perspicacious of you to use a dictionary to find tridecalogisms.