Saturday, January 14, 2006

Breaking News: Blazers Off the Schneid with 12-6 Win

Looking at the Sharks and Mavericks woeful records on the side bar, someone needed to bail at least one of our teams out. 1-9 combined still doesn't look too promising, but at least we weren't shut out.

I won't detail the game as I did last week, but as a dad, I'll give Carson's accomplishments. He scored four points on two 8-10 foot jump shots. He pulled down seven rebounds, or right about there, and he pickpocketed the other team thrice. On the downside, once, getting back for transition defense, he hustled back to his spot in the zone without ever glancing behind him. A player from the other team dribbled right down the middle for an easy (well, nothing qualifies as easy at this age, but it was as easy as it gets) lay-up to close the score to 10-6 at the time. Also, Car didn't have his hands up in his zone for about the whole third quarter. Nitpicking, though. He played awesome, hustled after rebounds, made a great pass or two, and enjoyed playing. And the last one's really all that matters now.

Go Blazers!!!

Oh, and while we were there, my other son, Davis (4), later told me that he gave "his girlfriend" (one of the other player's little sister) a hug at the game. Hmm, if I'm looking for scoring, maybe I'm watching the wrong game...


Scot said...

I'm sorry... I didn't really read past your title before commenting. It occurred to me that I didn't know the true meaning of schneid. At first thought, I believed it to be yet another euphemism for the buttocks. However, I remembered that Rich has a preference for the term "derriere" (For those keeping score at home, during the short history of the Realm, "derriere" word usage totals are as follows: Rich - three, Everyone else - zero.)
My copy of Webster's dictionary has no mention of the term, "schneid". So, yet again, I discovered the true value of the internet in our lives. I searched and found the following word origin and definition for the phrase "off the schneid" which I'm sure you will find just as enlightening as I.
To be "on the schneid" means to be on a losing streak, racking up a series of losing, and especially scoreless, games. "Schneid" is actually short for "schneider," a term originally used in the card game of gin, meaning to prevent an opponent from scoring any points. "Schneider" entered the vocabulary of gin from German (probably via Yiddish), where it means "tailor." Apparently the original sense was that if you were "schneidered" in gin you were "cut" (as if by a tailor) from contention in the game. "Schneider" first appeared in the literature of card-playing about 1886, but the shortened form "schneid" used in other sports is probably of fairly recent vintage.
Wow, if the rest of the post is as fascinating as the title...yowzers!!

Scot said...

I failed to recognize the source of my word origin info. The Word Detective is a pretty neat place for those that like to know why we say cattycorner, one "fell" swoop, and the like.

P&S said...

I'm not sure which is more interesting:

1) The Word Detective site
2) The origin/meaning of the word "schneid"
3) The very Freudian fact that upon encountering an unknown word Scot's "first thought" was buttocks
4) Rich's use/Scot's scoreboarding the "d-word"
5) Rich's original post

So, I'd like to take a straw poll (need to check Word Detective on origin of that one) among folks who will not only read thru Rich's post but also be interested enough to check out the comments section.

In order, which of the 5 above items are most interesting about this post. To make it even more interesting (and at this point you could cut the interesting with a knife), I'll even allow each voter to go off the board with one wild card interesting thing.

Also, Scot, have you kept(or would you keep)track of the number of times that I've posted only to have Rich immediately bury my post under several of his?

If I kept up with this it would only seem petty and immature. But seeing as how you are completely unbiased...

BTW, my tongue was only partially ensconced in my cheek while typing this comment (There's another one for Word Detective. -- I wonder which cheek Scot thought I was referencing?-- Have I been drinking?)


P&S said...


Word Detective is silent on "straw poll", but has this about the origin of "tongue in cheek".

"Tongue in cheek" in this sense dates back to the early 19th century, and opinions abound as to its origin. One theory traces it to the theater, where actors, it is said, would thrust their tongues into their cheeks to avoid laughing at the wrong moment. Another possible source is the 18th century practice of making a mocking face by poking one's tongue into one's cheek.

P&S said...

Also, on the discussion of euphemisms for buttocks above.

Webster defines euphemism as: the use of a less direct word or phrase for one considered offensive.

I began wondering how many euphemisms for buttocks there are in fact. And just what is it that makes them less direct or offensive.

The ones that come to mind are:

The aforementioned "d-word"
Tookus (sp.)
Gluteus Maximus
Trunk (recent sl.)

Let me know what I've failed to include and why you think it's less offensive when you vote for the top 5 interesting things about this post.

P&S said...


I've added Word Detective to the sidebar.

Scot said...

Bohunkus (sp?)

I don't care what anyone says. A man that can reference Freud along with a lengthy list of posterior (another one!) euphemisms has a serious career in writing ahead of him.

I'm glad you seem to enjoy the Word Detective. It has quite a bit more humor and appeal than the OED.

P&S said...

So, I am to assume that you felt too close to this post to vote on the most interesting things about it?

Or did you find none? I must get to the bottom of this.

Scot said...

I wasn't sure you were serious about voting.
Though I find virtually everything about me extremely interesting, my vote is for (1) The Word Detective.

Rich said...


The only interesting part has certainly been the post. I have no idea what you two guys are going on about.

Impressively, this post has garnered more comments than just about 85% of our others. If you two jokers don't watch out, this little Blazer baby might shoot on up to # 1. And you both know what that means:


P&S said...

Welcome back Rich van Winkle,

Have you been napping or just on the schneider?

And if you're scoring at home, that's one vote for the post as most interesting. Will there be more? The suspense is killing me.

BTW, you might want to have the Realm's IT guy take a look at your caps lock button. It seems to stick occasionally.

Rich said...

Ya'know, there hasn't been much scoring for anything but the one vote for my post. Scot may have mentioned a dictionary or thesaurus or something like that, but who can take that seriously?

As to your "BTW," the Realm doesn't have IT guys, It has knights, squires, soldiers, artisans, or craftsmen, and serfs/peasants, along with fair maidens. But yeah, I'll have the silversmith look at it.

WandaV said...

Okay, my vote would be for the origin of "shneid" just 'cause I like to know things like that.

Second runner up would have to be the game commentary because this is my daughter's first year of basketball. We're all into it, even if Nyssa is a definite second stringer and the shortest girl on her team.



Rich said...


I think Wanda's vote has to go for the post itself, which would make two votes for it.

She mentions some word "shneid," but I don't see that word anywhere else, so she must've been looking at a different post or something. Plus, I know Wanda, and she's going to take OUR KIDS over word definitions any ol' time. [weighing our kids (OUR CHILDREN!!!) in one hand, and an electronic word-teller-abouter in the other, ahem, which is more important?] Right, Wanda?

Another vote for the commentary -- whoooo-yaaaaaah!