Sunday, January 29, 2006

Know Your Shakespeare

In order to test the cultural veracity of the citizens of the Realm, I'll periodically ask you, "What Shakespearian play is this scene taken from?"

The correct answer is "Taming of the Shrew". Congratulations, Rich!!


Scot said...

I've got it narrowed down to either "The Merchant of Ridiculous Hats" or "A Comedy of Fashion Errors".

I think this is the scene where they play "Red Rover, Red Rover" and they say, "Girl dressed like I Dream of Jeanie come over." and the horned man up-ends her as she tries to break through. I don't remember the man on the right with the swammy hat trying to talk to someone on a walkie-talkie, though.

Will there be points given for the closest guess?

Rich said...

I just wanted to tell you that I had a post coming, but I'm gonna give this and "Couplets" their day in the sun.

You're very welcome.

DugALug said...

Here in Florida we don't have any of that high-faluting culture stuff. Needless to say: I am no shakespearian expert, but
I am going to go out on a limb and guess it is Much Ado About Nothing.

Hey nonnie-nonnie!


P&S said...


There will in fact be points awarded for best guess and right now, DugALug is in the lead.


By "day in the sun" you clearly didn't mean a literal 24-hour day or even the entire part of the day when the sun is actually shining.

And since you didn't even hazard a guess as the post requested, thereby supporting it, you also surely didn't mean to metaphorically give it a "day in the sun" by placing it on a pedestal.

So exactly what did you mean by your comment other than to reassure the disappointed visitors to the Realm that some "good" posts would be along shortly?


You can't tell me that you are not high falutin' in one breath and then come out with a "hey, nonnie, nonnie" in the next.

I also think that Jeb would disappointed in your characterization of Florida's culture. Wait, did I just say "Jeb"? Nevermind.

Rich said...

By a day in the sun, I meant the rest of Sun-day. Get it?

Oh, and I do support this post.

How 'bout Taming of the Shrew with Petrucchio lifting Katerina off her feet and taking her to his place?

DugALug said...


I am guessing that Flordia is not a common place for you to go.

Many here would consider Mickey Mouse culture. In a weird sort of way he is. Other than mickey we also have Universal here. It is 'cultural' too. Afterall Emril and Wolgang Puck have resturaunts here.

As a state who's overall literacy rivals Alabama, culture here includes Wal-mart, tractor pulls and semi-automatic weapons.

Good ol' Jebediah has tried to pull the state up, but he has discovered that it is really hard to the titanic around.


DugALug said...

Ken, Rich,

At this point, I just read a bunch of my posts. I am a typing/spelling/gramar moron. For all readers of these posts. I humbly apologize. Please forgive me, because I am showing that I haven't been writing much lately.


Rich said...

Right, Doug, but you're an engineer, and we get that ;)

I make enough mistakes in my posts and comments (and I can always go back in and clean up my posts), that I can't say anything to anyone about their English 101 issues. I'll just say don't let any of the trivialities keep you from saying what you want to say.

Some wise man (or wisecracker, one of the two) commented on one of these threads: spelling is overrated -- and then sagely followed it up with the comment: so is grammar. Take the wise man's advice.

P&S said...


Your just thinking outside the spellign box. A true sing of creative genus.

Keep up the good werk.

Rich said...


I think in a family-oriented site like this, it's better if you keep your genus to yourself.

P&S said...


You've got some 'splain' to do, Lucy!

DugALug said...


You guys are too kind.