Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Short Posts Are Better?

I know little about blogging. It's true. What's to know, you ask? Today, eating lunch with my partner in crime, Ken, he informed me that "those in the know" state that shorts posts are better in the World of Blog. Better for your readers. Easier to shoot off more posts. Better for attracting an audience -- and make no mistake, since we hope to be published novelists some day, an audience would help. Judging by our comments and traffic, WE'VE MADE IT, BABY! Uh, just kidding. Back on point, as anyone can plainly see, going down our front page, scouring our archives, or viewing different pages on this blog, I have tended to bloviate. Seriously bloviate. Which makes me a colossal bloviator, I suppose.

Boy do I feel silly. So for anyone stopping by looking for bloggers who know what the heck they're doing, here's a nice [relatively] short post for you!

What say ye, our audience? Short posts are better or not?


Scot said...


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Rich said...

I hope that picture you added is family-friendly, Kenneth. I'm not quite sure.

codepoke said...

Now dang it!? Everybody is funny out here, and I am always serious.

I really want to know the answer to this question. I seem to be 100% out of step with the world. I prefer long posts, and I certainly post and comment long.

Rich said...

Codepoke (Kevin - not sure which one you'd rather me call you, sorry if I'm messing up),

Oh, it's a serious question as to what people really prefer. The post itself is a little tongue-in-cheek, and Ken likes to keep things light-hearted around the Realm. But I'd like to know as well, which is why I asked.

I think it's pretty apparent, I like long posts (and I like long comments). It surprised me somewhat that people, on the average, even cared.

But if we're keepin score, I'll count you under the Pro-Long Posts, and I'll chalk down 2 for the Anti-Longers up there that commented before you. We'll see if we're out of step with the world or not.

But admittedly, it's always hard to beat them proverbial "they" as in "They say short posts work better for attracting an audience." We never seem to find out who "they" are, but we do learn that "they" are always right.

Scot said...

Okay, I'll be honest. I just said "Y" because something uncontrollable in my nature left me with only two options: leave a short comment saying that I prefer short posts or an unbelievably long answer saying I prefer long posts. I chose the least demanding response without any regard to my true feelings.
As for my real answer: It depends! The length of the post can be as long as you like, if the content can support it. Any post that becomes boring is too long. Good movies and books always seem too short no matter their length. Bad ones always seem too long.
So, write to your hearts' content...just keep my interest.

codepoke said...

Go Scot!

Now if I could only quit boring people.