Monday, January 30, 2006

Note to B

Guess what, B!

Got an e-mail from my wife today. Our friends across the street actually VOLUNTEERED to watch our kids on Saturday night [wow, people really do that? I'll have to remember].

But the reason for the post is that she wanted to do dinner and a movie, and she suggested Pride & Prejudice. So it's set. We're taking your advice! And better news... now all of your advice is on the line (i.e. the Allison Krauss CDs) -- just kidding, B :)

I know we're going to love it, and I'll let you know that we did after the weekend. It's gonna be beautiful.


B said...

A date night! That's great. I haven't had one of those in a while. And if you don't like the movie, then maybe it's your judgement that needs to be questioned. I have great taste.

Just kidding...sort of :)

Rich said...

I have great taste.

I know the feeling ;) And I'm fairly confident my judgment will do just fine on the "B-scale of tasticity."

If not, I'll lie.

Rich said...

Hey, this morning on the Today show I saw that Keira Knightley had been nominated for an Oscar for her role as Elizabeth Bennet in the Best Actress category.

Yet another vote of confidence. My weekend's looking better and better.

WandaV said...

I want to see that movie, too. Unfortunately for me, there's no way hubby would watch it with me. There are no explosions.(unless you count tempers)

I'll have to have a 'mental health' afternoon and sneak off to see it.

who loved the book

Rich said...


Mental health days = GOOD

B said...


It's not a movie that my hubby would normally see either; but since we found I that I am pregnant, he has been extra nice to me! He even said that the movie was well done, so it wasn't too horrible for him!

Rich said...

b / wanda,

Guess what. Here in the Huntsville/Decatur area, Thursday (I guess that's today) is the last day they're showing Pride & Prejudice. I have no idea how long it's been out, but I guess a while.

Bummer. We were really looking forward to going, and there really isn't another flick out that we'd both equally enjoy. Both Glory Road and Nanny McPhee are movies we'd want to take the kids to, and my wife isn't nearly as up on seeing Walk the Line or King Kong as I would be.

We may end up finding something other than a movie, but I'm not sure yet. Just thought I'd let you guys know. So essentially, this post was worthless. Boo, hiss, rotten tomatoes.

B said...

That sucks! But, at least you still get a date night! Have fun!

Rich said...

"Sucks" is the perfect verb for what it does, and yes the date night remains a go. At this point, though, we still don't know what we're doing.

One thing we will be doing tonight is being reciprocative. We're having our friends' (those who will be watching ours Saturday night) kids over tonight. Should be a night filled with popcorn, Nestle Crunch ice cream bars, sodas, and kids' movies for all except me. I promised a month ago to get our finances/budget into Quicken by the end of January, and if I'm not mistaken, today's February 3rd. Bleech!

Rich said...

Date night's over.

I did notice at that P&P is supposedly coming out on DVD February 28th. That's this month, for all you calendar-impaired. So, I'll be seeing it before you know it.