Thursday, January 19, 2006


Happy Birthday to the one, the only. Mom.

Let's see, 64 years ago today where were we? Well, Pearl Harbor had been attacked the month before, and the US had declared war against Japan. FDR was POTUS. We were still coming out of the Depression, I believe. And an infant girl was born in Ocala, FL to a lifelong barber and his remarkable wife. And, even prior to my birth some 25+ years later, one of the greatest blessings (definite Top 5 -- and three of the other five are my children) I ever received breathed her first breath.

A lot's happened since then, Mom:

We dropped the bomb. Oh, and we also won the War.

The fifties hit where every family was like the Cleavers or the Cunninghams, at least as far as I know.

We've put men on the moon, which if means nothing else (and of course it does mean a whole lot of things), it gives us a great little saying. "Boy oh boy, we can put a man on the moon, but you can't make me a proper ham sandwich."

Hey! Little Richie was born. Brett was born. Lee Avenue. Melbourne, Florida. Dolphins 17-0!!! 2 Super bowl victories. I had my first "girlfriend" in Kindergarten - Denise Wood. Remember her?

Vietnam. Woodstock. Watergate. Gas lines. And Ocean Springs, Mississippi for us. 3249 Nottingham Road. Pecan Park Elementary. The Spiegels. The Johnsons. Flood was born. First Baptist Church.

Colorado Springs for us. 4305 Ridgeglen Road. Litton Data Systems. George Meehleis. Soccer. Vista Grande Baptist Church. Joyce, Lila, and the bowling girls. Village Seven Presbyterian Church. Ronald Reagan. Dolphins Super Bowl loss while we went to a church business meeting [I still can't believe that!!!] No date for Homecoming [oops - strike that]. '80s music and MTV. $.99 movies. Back seat driving. The Royal Gorge and Cripple Creek. Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Keystone, and Vail. Pikes Peak. Dan Marino.

106 Timbercove. Longwood, FL. Altamonte Springs Lake Brantley HS. Dolphins Super Bowl loss. Lake Brantley Patriot football and track. Proms. Graduations. Rich and Brett to Auburn U.

2000-Zero-Zero party over almost out of time.

After that it becomes fuzzy. You guys went to Simi Valley, CA. Then, to Sherman, TX. Then to ATL, GA. And all the other places you guys have been.

And lately we've had some huge losses. Papa. Grandy. Grandma.

Through it all, though, I can't imagine anyone having some better parent. You and Dad have been my strongholds since my first memories. And hopefully, all these things I've mentioned strike some memories for you, and more than a few smiles. I love you, Mom. You're such a servant. Your heart is so huge, I could fit ten thousand of my own in it. Simply, you're the best. And thank you for being "Mom."

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