Monday, January 23, 2006

The Road More Glorious

Glory Road, a Disney flick, has been a movie I've wanted to see. I've linked review here. It got Bs from the critics and B+'es from and fans. Hey, I gave Narnia a B+. That's worth seeing to me. As a Disney flick, I'm not expecting in-depth, just inspirational, and the reviews sound like it hit the target. It didn't make Ken's list of movies he wanted to see, so by that I'll just derive that he doesn't like basketball anymore. That's okay, though.

I'm not going to go on about it. Just wanted to know if anyone else has seen it, and if so, do you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. Also, it's rated PG, so what age kid could go see it? I have a 7-year old who really likes basketball and liked the trailers a lot. So, just asking. Thanks.


B said...

The movie was great! I saw it this weekend with my hubby, brother and sister in law, and we all enjoyed it. It was just as good as Remember the Titans (which I love), but funnier.

I always hesitate to tell parents that a certain movie is OK for their kids because I don't have kids and because I don't always pay attention to things like language or inappropriate scenes. Since some parents don't want their kids to watch movies with any cussing, so I shy away from recommending anything. There's also the debate over what is bad language. There are many words that I think are just fine, but others (like my grandmother) would never say!

I will say that if I had kids, I am pretty sure that I would let them see the movie. I do a movie night for the teens in my church, and I would include this one in the list of movies we can watch. If there was any cussing it was minimal, and since the team wasn't allowed to date, there were no tacky scenes. (Although one guy did have a girlfriend anyway, they never showed anything inappropriate).

I hope I helped!

Rich said...

That's exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks, b!

My kids have seen enough of "24" when they come in and my wife and I are watching that I'm sure to make the class list in Bad Parenting 101. Sounds like Glory Road would be great for us. Cool.

Rich said...

Oh, and just to let the parent police know so I do get one good check on my parenting card, I do keep the kids out when my wife watches the Housewives.

Just so everyone has it straight, shooting people, terrorism, torture, other forms of violence, cussing (to a degree) - those are okay. A little gossip, some sexual overtones and undertones and tones in general, and some kids being disrespectful to their parents - those are bad... very, very bad.

How'd I do?

B said...

You sound like you are doing fine! My parents never worried about us seeing violent movies or hearing the occasional cuss word. But if a child disobeyed his or her parents with no retribution, we couldn't watch it (like the Little Mermaid, especially because she disobeyed her father about a boy).

When we were at the movie theatre and the PG-13 warning came on that told parents to warn their children about what they were about to watch, my dad would mockingly lean over and whisper, "OK, there are going to be some guys with guns shooting other people, but it's not OK for you to shoot anyone" or, "the movie has some dinasaurs that go around killing people, but there aren't any dinasaurs around to kill you". I always thought it was funny. Now that I think about it, my inability to interpret movies as "good" or "bad" is my dad's fault. Thanks, dad.

Rich said...

Hey, b, give your dad a high five for me next time you see him. Sounds like my kind of guy!

P&S said...

Saw it, liked it a lot. And my kids were with me.

I think some people will relate to it more than others. But I definitely think you'll find it meaningful, Rich.

I've heard the references to "Remember the basketball Titans". But while I liked Titans, too. Glory Road was more of an us-against-the-world theme to Titans' us-against-ourselves-till-we-grow message.

Don't mean to harp on it, but this one wasn't included in my movies to look forward to post because it wasn't on theme and the others seemed to be. (But thanks for the link)

b: Thanks for the comments, and your dad gets a high-five from me, too. I've checked out your blog and will check back again.

A Master's in Lit. We may not be attracting quantity, but you can't argue with the quality commenters we've got, Rich.

Rich said...

...which is just the opposite of us, huh, Kenneth?

I think we cannot stress enough how much more thankful we are for our commenters than we are for ourselves.
-- -- -- --
By the way, on a total hijack of my own post, I'm really getting the hang of this adding pictures thing. I'm like a kid with a new toy. You saw my Dr. Seuss post, right? I had Loraxes and Sneetches all over the place. And then the Loverboy picture hook... who can resist reading a post broadcasted by some dude in leather red tights crossing his fingers? [well, I should clarify. i could resist, but you know what i mean]

P&S said...

Oooh... pictures... pretty

B said...

I'll be sure and tell my dad that ya'll think he's cool! He'll get a kick out of that. And, there's no need to check out my blog--I know it's boring.

Just to clarify, I am also Betsy. I just realized that I am commenting under two different names.

Rich said...


We got that you were Betsy, your dad is cool, and your blog's not boring. There I said it :)

(I used to teach youth at our church -- reading stuff like that is great; at the same time, we'll honor your wish if that's what you really want, we just hope that it's not.)

Would you prefer we called you b or Betsy? b is shorter and I had a friend named Betsy I really liked back when I lived in CO Spgs. So either way is great with me. I shouldn't speak for Ken (though I often do). He may just want to go off the board and call you something that starts with X or Q. He's like that.

B said...

B or Betsy is fine. Whichever you prefer. I don't even mind X or Q!

I really don't mind anyone reading the blog! I would actually like some feedback, if you are so inclined. I don't usually get to bounce ideas off of people (especially the writing I do for school), so that might be nice.

Rich said...

Then, we'll be over from time to time.

P&S said...

Rick:Generally, I don't mind your speaking for me, but the X or Q thing was so uncalled for. And with a nice person like Betsy, too.

Are you trying to good cop/bad cop the Lords and Ladies of the Realm?

That's downright diabolical, you madman, you.

Betsy: Just wanted to mention that we can sometimes be a little unkempt, and... ah, who am I kidding, we're slobs. If we start hanging around your blog and leaving a mess to clean up. We apologize in advance.

Rich said...

Whoa. You are with us. I was about to do a Where's Waldo post asking the afore-mentioned "lords and ladies of The Realm" where they might think you are... since you certainly weren't at the blog today.

But better late than never, I suppose.

Oh, and nice use of the word "Rick," btw. May both your kidneys be stoned. (just kiddin'... that is kinda harsh).

One more thing! How about my little Glory Road post here competing with your Garden of Eden's in Japan post for Most Popular? It's not there yet, but it's getting close. Who'dathunkit?