Friday, January 13, 2006

Unabashed Praise

I think we all, or at least I and especially I, owe Ken a round of applause for the little "Read more" linkamajig that he figured out how to put on our posts. Well, to be quite truthful, aside from the words in my posts and comments, everything else on this blog site (including the pictures on my posts) has been accomplished by and at the able hands of my literary cohort, Mr. Ken Story. As usual, I'm a taker rather than a giver. But, to my credit, I do complain awfully well when something in the Realm isn't to my satisfaction.

Now, even if we can't abide by the "experts" short post theory (that I mentioned here) for excelling in the Kingdom of Blog, we can have the requisite aesthetics. And OF COURSE that will bring readers, who may one day read our novels, in by the droves. I think I hear them coming now, so I'll end this in my best "short-post" fashion.

Muchas gracias, Kenneth.


Rich said...

Not a complaint per se - far be it from me - so much as a quibble, but the "Read more" is on posts where no one actually needs to read any more because there actually is no more to read.

I figure it's an all-or-nothing sort of deal, but if it could be corrected...

Achem, I mean, what I meant to say, then, was, yes, thank you. By all means, thank you again, Ken.

P&S said...

Awww, shucks.

You're welcome, you big galoot.

I'm getting a little smarter as I go. But it's baby steps.

I think I've gotten something in my eye now.