Friday, January 13, 2006

Jack's Back

My favorite current TV show "24" starts this weekend. Even though The Realm of Possibility may not be the place for it, I thought I'd plug it anyway. Sunday night, there's the 2-hour premiere, and another show follows on Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Look it up in your local listings for date and time.

But this isn't a show you want to jump on in Week 8 since it supposedly goes in real time, although some liberty is taken with that. For my money, it's the best show out there.

And for hilarious show reviews (although if you are offended by some profanity it might not be the place for you) of "24" and other popular shows, you might want to check this snarky site out.

Watch "24." Ditch the Housewives.


P&S said...

What do Rich and Dave Barry have in common?

I'll give you a hint: It ain't being published authors.

The haircut would be a good guess, but since most of don't know what Dave Barry's hair looks like probably not where you were going.

Give up: It's apparently the show 24, I know, I know you're kicking yourself for not remembering that this was in fact a comment to a post Rich did about 24.

Well, here's Dave's post about the same thing.

Rich said...

Alright, anybody see the first two hours? Did I lead anyone astray? Jam-packed with action from Minute 1 to Minute 120, and there's more coming tonight.

It's too good to miss.

Scot said...

I watched my first episode of 24 last night. I've got mixed emotions. I thought it was great. But, I may be hooked and now I'm enslaved for the next how many ever weeks to not miss anything.
It even interfered with my fatherly duties. It's my job to put the kids to bed. My normal loving tucking-in process was replaced with what I'm sure looked like a spike in the endzone and a race back to the TV before the commercial was over.

Rich said...


In business, that's called a high-classed problem. Why not tape/DVR/TiVo it?

By "it", of course, I mean you could tape yourself lovingly tucking in your kids, reading them a goodnight story, and kissing their cheeks. Then, on "24" night, you send them to bed and tell them to watch the tape of all that good stuff until they drift off to sleep. It's just like being there.

[I'm just kidding, in case anyone should think me so callous. Obviously, I mean tape "24" and watch it later. At least, I think I mean that.]

Scot said...

DVR/Tivo?!? HA! You're talking to a guy who is pumped because I installed an antenna in my attic this weekend and get 5 out of 7 local channels static free. I rarely use the recording feature of such units anyway. I don't exactly bat 100% in that department. Too many things to go wrong. For instance, did Tivo account for the 8 minute shift in time due to the football game? If it was based on my luck, I bet not.

Rich said...

No, but like with a football game or college b-ball, I always record the show after something I really want to watch as well, just in case there's some time slippage.

But if you're sticking up bunny ears on your TV, I get you. Just live with your confliction and watch "24".

Scot said...

You JINXED me!! I had to tape 24 last night. See I'm already having to feed the addiction. Would you like to hear the turmoil that involved? Okay, if you pull it out of me, I'll tell you.
All my VCR's had broken in one way or another, so I went out and bought a VCR/DVD combo this week. Well I'm frantically trying to hook it up with 20 minutes before 24 starts and I'm already five minutes late leaving the house. (It was my own little drama show similar to Jack trying to detonate that bomb with his cell phone.) As I stated earlier, I do not subscribe to cable or have a dish. I'm taking whatever is free out of the air. Well, guess what? This VCR/DVD does not account for that scenario. It has a coax input, but that is for a cable/satellite box where the channel is selected on the box. My manual even says that channel selection is not available with that input. They assume that you are going to be giving it inputs with something a little more modern. So I'm trying to figure out how to get the coax from my antenna to the RCA jack of my VCR. I think...RF modulator. So I get it out, but no you fool! That is the exact opposite of what I want. That takes the RCA output of the DVD/VCR to go to the coax of my TV which, you guessed it, has no composite inputs.
So, I try this, I go in to the VCR with antenna coax, out the ANT OUT with coax to the Modulator ANT IN, the modulator coax OUT to the TV coax IN. Does it work??? Of course not!!! There's still no way to select the channel!! My wife's foot is tapping with every second. FIFTEEN MINUTES until the show starts. The PRESSURE!!
So, I stop and take a deep breath. I'll get one of my usual suspects to record it. But no!! They all got those stupid DVR's that you have to watch on their TV. What can I do???
I'll back up and punt. I dig out the last, least broken VCR that I was not forced to throw away. I discover that the only thing wrong with it is that it won't rewind a tape and periodically the power turns off for no apparent reason. Could we trust it?? I don't know, but dang it, it's all we've got! I start hooking it up, but I realize that the VCR is going to have to suspend in mid-air to work with this wall-mount TV stand thingie I just installed. ABORT! ABORT! Retreat downstairs to the other TV. I run downstairs with the VCR to the other TV. Time is running out. Blast! I left the only cables back up there with the other TV. Wait, I've got another cable in my box o'cables. I run back up all 17 steps upstairs. The box o'cables is worse than the ball of christmas lights. Forget that. I run back to the miserable brand new, VCR/DVDNotHelpingMeNow pile of crap and steal its cables.
Back Downstairs!
I get back to the old VCR to rewind the tape. You fool! This VCR doesn't rewind! I take it out. I've got a second miserable brand new,VCR/DVDNotHelpingMeNow pile of crap in this room waiting to be hooked up to this TV. I use it to rewind the tape. Meanwhile, set up the VCR to TV cables. I get a cable to hook up to my state-of-the-art whole-house wiring to the antenna in my attic. I'm ready to go. Good! Seinfeld is still on. It's the one where Jerry's cleaning guy stole George's statue, and Kramer wants "to go get 'em". Who needs a watch at this point? I know exactly how many scenes I have before it's over and 24 starts. Please old faithful, dependable, non-rewinding VCR with intermittent power, please work!
I do a quick dry run. It RECORDS! However, I realize while playing back the sample recording, I see the inferior quality on the previous recording of a show that is probably ten years old. So throw the integrity of the tape into the equation. If I pull this one off, it'll be something they'll be talking about for years. I leave, with fingers crossed, counting on the engineers that designed this beautiful PHILCO brand VCR that I inherited to pull me through.
Well, guess what? It actually worked. And, I'm glad I didn't set a timed recording because I thought it was only an hour long instead of two hours.
Alls well that ends well, I always say.
Anyway, all this to say...Thanks, Rich for introducing me to 24 and all the drama a new TV addiction brings to my life.

Rich said...


You're welcome.

Rich said...


Just playing around with my comment above (although you are very welcome). Awesome story. Perfect for the post. Stories like that make The Realm what it is.

And I have no earthly idea what that is.

But I like it!