Saturday, January 14, 2006

So We Missed Commenting on National Delurker's Week

On a host of other blogs that I scanned -- most of which were in English but many weren't -- I discovered that last week was National Delurkers Week. [Sidenote: Since people in many countries were doing it, I wonder why it wasn't International Delurkers Week.] Here at The Realm of Possibility, nothing was mentioned regarding this... holiday week.

Well, I'd like to remedy that now that everyone's, ahem, back to school or work. How 'bout this? Every year after National Delurkers Week, a week in which we won't participate, the following week, we'll have The Realm of Possibility's much bigger and better Delurking Week. Since many of our favorite people in the world are doubtlessly those who come to our blog, roll their eyes at what they read, and then move on, well, we want to know you.

For this next week, January 15-21st, we'd be pleased as plums if any of you lurkers who've never commented would at this time ID yourselves in the comments. Just a name or alias with a little bit about yourself and what brought you to this blog. Then, we'll let you be the judge:

Between Ken and Rich, which of the two of us is the diabolical genius and which is the righteous madman? [Hint: I'm the genius, Ken's the madman.]

{Ken's note: Each of you have a story and of course, you are its main character. But many of us see ourselves as secondary characters even in our own story. So, many of us use Internet sites such as this (or perhaps your own fictional writing) as an opportunity to play another role.

This said, I would be interested to see some indication of what type of character you identify with either generally (the hero, the rogue, the comedic sidekick, etc) or specifically (Uriah Heep from Copperfield, Arnold from Green Acres, Helen from Troy, etc) and/or what role you intend to assume in the Realm (knight, landed gentry, knave, dung shoveler, etc). Thank you. Now, back to Rich.}

After that, anything else you want to add would be gravy for us, work for you.

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you!


Scot said...

Will this post with its presumed theories on the existence of lurkers to this blog be posted in the cryptozoology section.
I give you one more day to produce a lurker before I declare the whole thing a fabrication.

P&S said...


So, I see you assuming the role of constable or Solicitor General in the Realm.

Scot said...

Just callin' 'em like I see 'em.

Grandpa said...

I must admit that I have been visiting your site off and on for the last week or so and "lurking" as you call it.

While I have found your articles mildly amusing, I have not felt the need to respond in any way.

I'm not sure that I feel the need to explain why this is. Are you so desperate for positive reeinforcement?

My advice to you is to have enough confidence in yourselves to keep doing what you are doing.

I don't mean to sound angry. Maybe I'm just a grumpy old man. I'll continue to read your site and I might even comment again. But allow me to do so in peace without the pressure of feeling I have to participate in the process.

My two cents.

P&S said...

Thanks for the visit and the two cents. We'll give you some change later.

P&S said...

National Delurking Week really came in like a lamb and went out like a mute lamb.

That was a funny SNL skit, though.

Rich said...

Yeah, and worse, we still haven't gotten the independent, albeit foregone conclusion, affirmation that I'm the genius and you're the madman.

But I'll figure some way to get that.