Saturday, January 28, 2006

Graveyard Shift


What would it take here in the smoke-filled back rooms of The Realm of Possibility to cut a deal to change the Hot Women in Hot Tubs post category title?

After looking back through our archives today, I totally agree that we have a critical need for a side bar category for pathetic posts. The extremely volatile combination of the "going for volume" posts that I write in, as you say, the Seinfeldian "hey, there's a post (about nothing)" variety and your own "on-theme" posts, in which our given audience could, pretty much, not give a rat's patootie about The Realm's thematic elements, opens up a wide pathway to the ludicrous that we've hopped in on for many a ride.

Despite spewing forth these mega-gallons of bloggerrhea, as you well know, we (Pearce & Story, that is) remain all about quality, notwithstanding my personal penchant for quantity. In an effort to purge the worst of our posts -- and by worst, I'm speaking in relative terms, as we may have excessive "worst-"type posts -- you made up the Hot Women in Hot Tubs link, and then added insult to injury by attaching a monkey picture and saying it looked like me. All that is fine, save that I don't think it represents The Realm image, whatever that is. Ergo, I humbly, for it's only right to petition humbly for all things, submit the following Realm category for the worst of our worst to replace the title Hot Women in Hot Tubs:

Pleasant's Graveyard of Rue (GoR)

Additionally, I'm fairly sure the number of posts contained in the currently entitled Hot Women in Hot Tubs is low in comparison to the number of posts you would actually consider terrible. Check your TMI category for some others.

And should you not be able to find any there, I have one other example of a particularly rotten post that should find its way to GoR or, if you prefer, to Hot Women in Hot Tubs:

this one.


P&S said...

Any deal would have to involve the following:

1)Allowing my posts more than the couple hours, or 50 minutes in this case, in the top spot without covering them with a post that by your own admission belongs in the worst category.

And especially those in which you immediately alienate the other 3 people who visit the Realm by addressing me personally in the first line. For future reference, saving a personal message as a draft would allow me to see it without bothering the others.

2)You must stop smoking in the back rooms of RoP.

3)You must cease itemizing the complete inventory of my truck

4)No more use of the word "patootie" on this family-friendly blog. It's "derriere" or nothing.

5)No more usage of any word real or fictional ending in -rrhea.

6)Provide me some picture, any picture, of you where you don't look like a monkey to replace the offending picture in the current category.

7)Commit my actual middle initial to memory (hint: it isn't "J")

8)Read through your stream of consciousness posts at least twice and have someone else over the age of 5 proof it for spelling errors and additional necessary return keystrokes before hitting the publish button.

9)No more than 2 New Year's resolution status updates for the remainder of the calendar year.


10)Should you agree to the above demands, I reserve the right to institute additional demands without any advance warning and at my own discretion.

Rich said...

Hot Women in Hot Tubs it is, then.