Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Game Post That No One Cares About? BAD IDEA

Remember SNL's Bad Idea Jeans commercial spoof? Wikipedia recalls:

Bad Idea jeans - a commercial featuring scenes of people discussing what can be considered "bad ideas" (for example, "Now that I have kids, I feel much better having a gun in the house"). After each scene, white text on a black background reads "BAD IDEA". Each scene also zoomed in on each person wearing said jeans.

How about we play giving our best bad idea lines in the comments. Remember! THIS IS THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY!!! We should be able to knock this one out of the park (to coin a phrase from a past time)!

An example is provided above in the Wikipedia quote, but here are a couple others.

Example 1: Yeah, I got hired on as a writer for the Scooby Doo series, and I thought it needed some changes. I came up with a little annoying dog friend for him that I think kids will really love. Get this: I named him Scrappy Doo. -- BAD IDEA!

Example 2: Did you catch the newest American Pie movie? Man, I sure hope they make another one. -- BAD IDEA!

And, last example from me until the game starts:

Example 3: I'm not exactly sure where to take Betty Lou on our first date Saturday Night. I thought I might take her home to meet my mom and show her my baby photos. -- BAD IDEA!

Okay, so are you ready? Any takers?

Going once. Bueller... Bueller...?


Scot said...

I'm unclear on the assignment. Are we limited to real life Bad Ideas? Or, are we to fabricate our own potentially Bad Ideas?

Rich said...

The world is your oyster, my friend. They can be real life, made up, something you've overheard. It doesn't matter. Just throw in something fresh like:

"I had a half-dozen sorta serious, staying with the theme, life ponderable-type posts running around in my head. And when it came time to start typing, suddenly the word (although Webster doesn't seem to back this classification up) poopy-doopy popped, if you will, into my mind. And it wouldn't leave.

"How does one work poopy-doopy into a post anyway?" - BAD IDEA

You know, something like that.