Saturday, January 07, 2006

Who Ya Cheering For?

Jared at the Thinklings and Mysterium Tremendum used to have lists like this one below, and I thought they were really cool. Unfortunately, he's stopped blogging for an indefinite period to work on his novel writing. So here's my admission that I'm pulling grand theft on one of his ideas. Hope that's okay Jared, and I wish you every good fortune in getting published, and published again, and success in your writing career. Anyone who hasn't caught some of Jared's writings would be doing themselves a huge favor to search them out at Thinklings or he also writes movie reviews for Cinema Veritas, so by all means check them out.

On to the list, just choose one or the other and maybe a blurb on why in the comments.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
1) Maximus (from Gladiator) vs. William Wallace (Braveheart)
2) "Magic" (the Cars) vs. "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" (the Police)
3) Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier
4) Jules Verne vs. Robert Louis Stevenson
5) Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka vs. Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka
6) Basketball vs. Baseball
7) Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals (at Cinci this weekend)
8) Bill Clinton vs. Hillary Clinton
9) Spring vs. Autumn
10) Roller Skating vs. Ice Skating
11) John McEnroe vs. Jimmy Connors
12) Narnia vs. Middle-Earth
13) Hector vs. Achilles
14) Coffee vs. Hot tea
15) Jack Bauer (from "24") vs. Sydney Bristow (from "Alias")
16) Teri Hatcher vs. Eva Longoria
17) Gandalf vs. Harry Potter
18) Ellen DeGeneres vs. Rosie O'Donnell
19) Caramel apple vs. Candied apple
20) Michelangelo Buonarroti vs. Leonardo Da Vinci

I can't tell you how important it is to get these right. I'll post the answer key in the comments :)


Rich said...

The correct answers are:

1) Maximus
2) Magic, by the Cars
3) Smokin' Joe
4) RLS
5) Wilder
6) Basketball
7) Bengals
8) Slick Willie
9) Autumn
10) Ice
11) Connors
12) Middle-Earth
13) Hector
14) Coffee
15) Jack... c'mon!
16) Teri Hatcher
17) Gandalf
18) Ellen
19) Candied Apples
20) Mikey

Scot said...

The blanks mean I don't know or don't care.
1) Wallace ("Freeedoooom!")
3)Ali (Don't like him but he was a spectacle)
4)RLS (Treasure Island- my first real book to read)
6)Basketball (you can play by yourself)
8)Six in one...
11)Mac is the bigger jerk
12)The Shire
18)what a queer pairing
19)caramel (but how do you say it?)
20)Da Vinci (multi-talented)

Scot said...

I once made a similar list of potentially great matchups like a car chase between Ponch and Jon from CHIPS and the Dukes of Hazzard. Who wins?

P&S said...

1) William Wallace
In my best brogue, "Because he's a Scot."
2) Magic
I love Rick O. and haven't liked the Police since they started watching every move I make and every breath I take.
3) Ali
Down goes Frazier. Down goes Frazier.
4)Bobby S.
In my best brogue, "Because he's a Scot." And David Balfour is one of my favorite characters ever.
Neither really nailed Willy in my book. (Ooh, that's sounds gross).
But at least he didn't sing.
6)Unfair question
It's apples and oranges. And as Rich himself told me, baseball isn't a sport anyway, it's a national pasttime.
7)The Tiggers.
Carson follows in the tradition of his Dad Jim and his granddad, Arnie. Bengals win the bowl and after going to Mickey's house he models underwear and designs golf courses.
By the tip of his... nose.
Hope springs eternal. Hope autumns eternal just sounds stupid.
Funkytown and No Parking on the Dance Floor just don't sound right in the rink.
11)The guy who threw tantrums and tennis raquets.
Which one was that again?
Oz even finishes ahead of Narnia as a land.
He had a debilitating injury named after him. What did Hector ever do?
14)Hot Chocolate.
Because I can't drink coffee and hot tea is only good with Chinese food.
Though I'm probably the only person never to see either show, she doesn't need a magical Expedition.
16)Teri Hatcher
They're real and they're fabulous.
Harry who?
She's famous because she's hilarious. Rosie's famous because she knows Madonna. Ditto if you meant the talk show.
It's ooey and gooey.
Mike was a one-trick pony. Leo could do it all.

codepoke said...

1) William Wallace (Braveheart)
Dude! Wallace was real, and he worked for freedom, not "the man".
2) Wow. I was from that generation, but I didn't listen to anything.
3) Muhammad Ali
Ali was a genius. I even came to like his mouth (long after penning, "Floats like a lead balloon, and stings like a flea")

4) Robert Louis Stevenson. Gotta go with the human stuff over the science stuff, but I've not read much of either.
5) Haven't seen Depp's yet.
6) Basketball
It's less boring to watch, and infinitely more fun to play. But they both lack tennis rackets.
7) Pittsburgh Steelers
Posted after the fact, but I could never like Cinci, and Jack Lambert is still the man.
8) Bill Clinton
He can't hurt me any more.
9) Spring
Used to be autumn, but I think optimism must be creeping into my life somehow.
10) Ice Skating
It's faster, and I might try ice dancing some day (and it's yellow - yeah, I know.)
11) John McEnroe vs. Jimmy Connors
NOT FAIR! Still, give me serve and volley any day. Johnny Mac rules!
12) Narnia vs. Middle-Earth
Narnia. The mystery is so much more mysterious.
13) Hector vs. Achilles
14) Coffee vs. Hot tea
Tea. Coffee is just bitter.
15) Jack Bauer
Look, I'm sorry, but I hate the whole "women kicking butt" genre. I think it's a ridiculous (ridiculously successful) attempt to lure an audience.
16) Teri Hatcher vs. Eva Longoria
17) Gandalf vs. Harry Potter
In a fight? What chance would Harry have without his ever-present array of saviours? Gandalf the Grey would have overpowered Harry, but then one of them would have to be evil.
18) Ellen DeGeneres
I think she's still funny.
19) Caramel apple vs. Candied apple
There's a difference?
20) Michelangelo Buonarroti vs. Leonardo Da Vinci
Michelango (is that his real last name?) Art over science.

jared said...

I'm callin' the cops!

No, actually, thanks for the very kind words of encouragement, Rich.

Here are my answers:

1) Maximus (from Gladiator)
2) "Magic" (the Cars)
3) Muhammad Ali
4) Jules Verne
5) Haven't seen the latest adaptation, but I'm going to say Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka
6) Basketball (no contest -- baseball's not even a sport; it's a game)
7) Pittsburgh Steelers
8) Bill Clinton
9) Autumn
10) Ice Skating
11) John McEnroe
12) Narnia
13) Hector
14) Coffee
15) Jack Bauer (from "24")
16) Teri Hatcher
17) Gandalf
18) Ellen DeGeneres
19) Caramel apple
20) Michelangelo Buonarroti

Rich said...


Great to hear from you! Are you getting closer to home on your novel? Truly hope so.

P&S said...

Looks like Gandalf and Ellen are the only unanimous choices.

I wonder if they have anything else in common?