Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Weekly Song Quote

This week's song quote -- and should I ever skip a week on the Bill Mallonee/VOL gems I've no doubt The Realm of Possibility would collapse from within -- is:

And I had a hand, my friend
in ushering darkness in,
Now, I wish that even more
I could show it to the door

Father, why do I feel like a casualty?
Father, why do I fell like a casualty?

-- from Casualty, Vigilantes of Love Driving the Nails CD

Lyrically, this song is just so, so good -- I probably should just quote the whole tune and leave it alone as food for thought. It's way back from 1991 when VOL was just starting, so the production quality isn't as good as some of the newer stuff when they had, in relative terms, made a name for themselves. Still, in my opinion, raw sound many times trumps the over-produced music, and this album is hard to beat.

In the noted verse, Bill laments his own, and this is true for every single one of us (personally, I'll exclude babies and small children), responsibility for allowing sin to find its way into our lives, whether it creeps in or whether its more like an avalanche. While we make the choice to let it in for whatever reason, whatever benefit we originally derived uses itself up pretty quickly. At some point, we want it and all of its effects upon us out. But it ain't that easy. We can ignore it, try to change our stripes, fight it, deal with it slowly yet none of that can ever dispel it. God's Word pretty much is point blank in telling us we are dead in our sins. Hence, the feeling of being shellshocked, a casualty of life. No small thing, this darkness. It took Christ on a cross, the ultimate cost, to deal with that sin and death. And as horrid as that was, it's the best of news. The Good News. The Gospel.


WandaV said...

Very thought provoking stuff. I'll have to explore the group further.

My personal favorite song writer would have to be Michael Card. His stuff is deep and very thought provoking, too. Ever listened to him?


Rich said...

Holy Vigilantes, Batman! One of my Bill Mallonee song quotes got a comment. Thankuthankuthanku, Wanda!

I'll have to explore the group further.

You'll have to explore them on the Web at this point, Wanda. But I link their site(s) on each of these posts, so that shouldn't be too hard. I think it'd be worth it. At this point, if anyone asks what CD to jump on at, I usually say Audible Sigh. It's probably my favorite, and it was produced by Buddy Miller, which gives it some clout. The songs with Julie Miller singng background vocals are just awesome. I better shut my trap now, because I could go on for a while.

My personal favorite song writer would have to be Michael Card. His stuff is deep and very thought provoking, too.

I don't have any of Michael Card's CDs, but (ir)regular commenter Dug-a-lug, a roommate of mine in college and a great pal, was a big Michael Card guy, so I heard a lot of him. M. Card's music did seem deep and thought-provoking, a little slow in tempo for my tastes, but he was someone I could listen to. My wife listens a lot to WAAY FM, the local Christian music station, so I do still hear him from time to time, and I think he's a really, really good guitarist/musician (and that's coming from a guy who is not a CCM fan at all - although there are, of course, exceptions to every rule).

WandaV said...

I've seen MC several times in concert and enjoyed every minute of it. If you want to hear some stuff, I've got the cd's.

We listen to WAAY fm, too, but I haven't heard any MC songs there. I think he's too deep and wordy for them. NOt that I don't enjoy Third Day and Kutlass, too. But I don't think they consider MC as mainstream CCM.

As writers, I think that we like our words to mean something and that's why IMHO we are drawn to the groups and songs that we are. And MC's music is chalk full of meaning.

Later, dude. I've got a disaster to tame...