Monday, January 30, 2006

Apathy XL

No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get myself enthused about this year's Super Bowl. The Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Seattle Seahawks. For me, that has all the draw of a day digging up Christmas tree stumps in a Douglas Fir field in January. There's just no want-to for me. And I have a couple really good friends that are huge Steeler fans. But those buzzards have beaten the Dolphins enough that any friendship goodwill fell by the wayside back in the late 70s.

However, maybe the citizens of The Realm do care after all, and this is just another example of my "sophmoric" or even "freshmanic" attitude on items other people actually care about. Thus, I'll ask the question, and for those of you who despise essays, you're in good luck. This one's multiple choice.

Question: What will you be doing Sunday, February 5, 2006 at 5:00 CST? [Please answer with which letter best describes your feelings toward the "big" game next Sunday.]


a) I'll be watching the Super Bowl freak, and so should you! This is football, and American men and women watch the Super Bowl no matter who is playing.

b) Since I cheer for the Steelers/Seahawks, I wouldn't miss the game if my spouse was having emergency surgery.

c) The Super Bowl is worth watching, and if for nothing else, I like seeing the commercials so that I know what to buy and from whom for the next year.

d) I'll be working on something really important, such as my child's pine wood derby car for Indian Princesses, but I might tune in from time to time.

e) No, thanks. Not a football fan. I'm waiting for pitchers and catchers to report or the NASCAR circuit to start up with their own "Super Bowl of Races."

f) I'm not American, and you Yanks spell football incorrectly. It's futbol, and I'm sure there's a club match somewhere that beats men wrestling in pads any day.

g) Walking the dog or walking to the pond with a loved one (perhaps that same dog) and feeding the ducks sound like better options to me.

h) I'll be watching TBS or Lifetime just so something competes with the Super Bowl.

i) Sorry, I've had something big planned for a long time. I'm giving birth or flying to Fiji or I have a chess match in prison with Bobby Fischer.

j) Why, I'll be right here in The Realm of Possibilty where I'm supposed to be on any day of the week, probably playing the Couplet game.

k) Other, and if it's other please explain -- I may have missed something and can go back and update these answers.


P&S said...

j), though maybe partly because of e)

jon said...

The answer to that is OBVIOUSLY a)

B said...

K)I will be at church during most of the game, and I wont watch the last bit when I get home because I don't like professional football.

Rich said...

I s'pose I'm a (k) as well. Our Men's Bible Study is at 5:00 p.m., and I don't see skipping it as that great an option. Then, the kids have AWANAS from 6:00 - 7:30 -- and believe it or not on Superbowl night, they're having Daddy's and Donuts Night where dads are supposed to come and eat withtheir kids during Sparks and Cubbies. Which genius planned this?

But guess what? I'll be eating doughnuts and participating with my kids.

No saint am I, though. If it was the Dolphins in the Super Bowl, then the correct answer for the entire Realm of Possibility, and most especially me, would be (B). [Talk about your household idols...]

P&S said...

Hey, where is everybody??

Don't make me launch a lame "Where's Waldo" post.