Saturday, January 14, 2006

Griffons and Ogres and Fairies, Oh my!!

I ran across a book today called Fantasy Encyclopedia, written by Judy Allen with a foreword by Jonathan Stroud.

It's just what the title implies, an illustrated, encyclopedic guide to the beasts and beings of the fantasy world. Rich and I enjoy reading and writing fantasy stories and have since we were kids.
So, I bought it in part, because I wanted to walk down memory lane but also to use as handy-dandy reference for our next foray in fantasy writing.

I had never thought of it before, but as I flipped through the book, I noticed that there was a mixture of creatures that I remembered fondly and those that I had hated. And it got me thinking about what my favorite and least favorite fantasy creatures are/were

My favorites are:
1) Mermaids
2) Griffons
3) Rocs/Thunderbirds
4) Lake Monsters (like Nessie)
5) Djinn/Genies

My least favorite are:
1) Witches
2) Harpies
3) Ghosts
4) Gorgons
5) Dryads/Nymphs

But there are many more to choose from, and I'd like to hear what your five favorites and least favorites are, too. And why.

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Rich said...

I'll give it a go.

1) Elves (Woodland are my favorite, but High Elves and Drows are totally cool, too)

2) Dragons (I like the color variations in fantasy as well, i.e Gold Dragons being good and with different characteristics than Blue Dragons, Red, Green, Silver, Brass, Bronze, White, etc.)

3) Dwarves (Obviously, I like races of fantasy, and after elves, dwarves are the best)

4) Vampires (I probably shouldn't, but I do)

5) Faeries (just the total vast possibility of everything about faeries)

Median: Pegasus and Unicorns

-5) Demons (the named Dungeon & Dragon type demons of fantasy - not real demons)

-4) Giant regular creatures (i.e. giant ants, giant rats, etc. - not imaginative)

-3) Goblins (generic)

-2) Genies (three wishes??? and I didn't care for much Arabian Night stuff, although I'll promptly reconsider should you remind me of I Dream of Jeannie

-1) Ogres (Are they good for anything? Weak, stupid semi-giants. Just not much fun to think about.)

And I reserve the right to change if someone else comes up with something I forgot about that I like or dislike more than what's on my list.