Sunday, January 15, 2006

Superhero Play-along # 3

Nothing different than # 2 or # 1, just pick from the lists below. As always, I'll leave my picks in the Comments.

Favorite Sidekick

1) Robin (Batman)
2) Falcon (Captain America)
3) Black Widow (Daredevil)
4) Bucky (Captain America)
5) Jubilee (Wolverine)
6) Batgirl (Batman)
7) Iron Fist (Power-Man)
8) Rick Jones (Hulk)
9) Speedy (Green Arrow)
10) Toro (the Original Human Torch)
11) Kid Flash (Flash)
12) If other, name

Most Wickedly Cool Fantastic Four Villian

1) Galactus
2) The Skrulls
3) Super-Skrull

4) Dr. Doom
5) Diablo
6) Frightful Four
7) Mole Man
8) Klaw
9) Molecule Man
10) Pharoah Rama-Tut (Kang)
11) The Puppet Master
12) If other, name

Best Marvel Team-up Character (w/Spider-Man)

1) Daredevil
2) Human Torch
3) Hulk
4) Black Cat
5) Punisher
6) Dr. Strange
7) Nova
8) Silver Sable
9) Wolverine
10) Captain America
11) Spider-Woman
12) If other, name

Coolest Superhero Catchphrases

1) "I'm Batman!" (Batman)
2) "It's Clobberin' Time!" (Thing)
3) "Hulk Smash!" (Hulk)
4) "Flame On!" (Human Torch)
5) "Hey, bub." (Wolverine)
6) "Avengers Assemble!" (Captain America, Iron Man/Avenger Leader)
7) "Hey, chuckles." (Spider-Man)
8) "Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man." (Spider-Man)
9) "Up, up, and away!" (Superman)
10) "Oh my stars and garters." (Beast)
11) "Shazam!" (Captain Marvel, DC version)
12) If other, name

Favorite Silver Surfer Ally

1) Adam Warlock
2) Nova (Frankie Raye Nova)
3) Firelord
4) The Fantastic Four
5) Gabriel, Air-Walker
6) Quasar
7) Beta Ray Bill
8) Thor
9) Avengers
10) Defenders
11) Mantis
12) If other, name

Coolest Micronauts Character

1) Acturus Rann, Space Glider
2) Princess Mari from Homeworld, Marionette
3) Prince Argon
4) Baron Karza
5) Acroyear
6) Biotron
7) Bug
8) Devil
9) Microtron
10) Prince Shaitan
11) Huntarr
12) If other, name

Best X-Title

1) Uncanny X-Men
2) X-Men
3) X-Factor
4) X-Force
5) Wolverine
6) Cable
7) Ultimate X-Men
8) Astonishing X-Men
9) (New) Excalibur
10) New X-Men
11) Deadpool
12) If other, name

Best Superhero with a Color in Name

1) Green Lantern
2) Green Arrow
3) Scarlett Witch
4) Red Tornado
5) Black Panther
6) Silver Sable
7) Blue Beetle
8) Silver Surfer
9) Black Canary
10) Booster Gold
11) Black Knight
12) If other, name

Alrighty then, start your picking.


Rich said...

Mine are:


FF Villian

MTU Character

"Oh my stars and garters." (Hank McCoy is simply cool.)

Surfer Allies
The Fantastic Four

Baron Karza / Acroyear (tie)

Uncanny X-Men

Superhero w/Color in Name
Silver Surfer

P&S said...

Iron Fist (Bet you thought I'd say Bucky)
I loved the way the Fist and Power Man roamed the sidewalks just trying to blend.

FF Villian
Frightful Four
I loved the fact that they consistently only had three members and were sensitive about it. The Wizard, Sandman, and The Trapster (or Paste Pot Pete as he hated to be called) were 3 that I remember fondly. There was also something freaky about The Wizard's anti-grav discs.

MTU Character
Loved their interplay. Spidey knew just how to bring DD out of his shell. Black Cat is a very, very close second.

"It's clobberin' time" and "Courtesy of your friendly..."
I also liked "Holy fill-in-the-blank, Batman"

Surfer Allies
The Fantastic Four
At least they could make the issue somewhat palatable. But as I said before these were not my favorite issues


Uncanny X-Men
Everything else was just a variation on the theme

Superhero w/Color in Name
Black Cat
But not because of the color. Also a stretch to call her a superhero. But there you go, it's my pick anyway. Best villain-Red Skull

WandaV said...

I'm such a girl! Comics weren't a big thing in my past. I'd watch the superhero stuff on the t.v. on Saturday mornings sometimes-- especially Isis and Electric Woman and Dinah(?)girl. The comic books weren't part of my "must read" list.

Sorry, guys, but I never heard of half of the characters.


Rich said...


Fake it!!!!!!

And a big YESSSSSSSS on the Electra Woman and Dina Girl show. Now, that's a blast from the past.

WandaV said...

You watched them?!

I bet you watched Land of the Lost, too, didn't you. C'mon. 'Fess up! Can you still sing the theme song?

***evil grin***


Rich said...

Of course I watched them. Electra Woman and Dina Girl (I think Sigmund and the Sea Monsters followed it for a while, but that may be wrong) and the Shazam/Isis hour on Saturdays, and Linda Carter's Wonder Woman whichever night it was on.

Heck, if it was on Saturday and had an ounce of good, I watched it. H.R. Puffinstuff. Wonderbug. (I remember those theme songs as well). And Land of the Lost. Don't remember all the words, but I do remember them singing, "It's the Laaaaan-aaaand of the Loooooooost!"

That was good TV. Well, it was okay TV, and good TV for when I was a kid. And Wonder Woman was just, plain good. I watched The Greatest American Hero later on, but for some reason, it never held as much of an attraction for me. Can't think of why that would be off the top of my head...