Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Save You the Trouble

We're not a sports blog, though both Ken and I are fairly avid sports fans. But the world of sports hardly ever seem to sleep here in the U.S.A., so that means that there's always something else you can be spending your time on instead of reading, and in particular reading, commenting, and discussing here on our blog. That being the case, I thought I'd spare everyone the agony of having to watch every game you can to make sure just which teams exactly are going to make and win the sports championships that we thrive on. That way, you can concentrate on what's really important.

Obviously, I had Texas winning this year's BCS Bowl and thereby winning the collegiate football (still) mythical national championship.

The Super Bowl will feature Indy, after finally getting the New England curse off their collective backs, and Seattle. The Colts are your Super Bowl champs.

In the 2006 Winter Olympics, the U.S. will not medal in hockey, but as always we'll get a lot of figure skating and speed skating medals. In case your wondering, and you shouldn't be because these are the Olympics, but I'll go ahead and answer anyway: the U.S. won't win the medal count.

The NCAA Tournament. Now, I'll let you off the hook in March. Almost nothing compares to the first weekend (starting Thursday) of the Tournament. Nonetheless, as much as I hate to say it not being a fan of theirs at all, the Dukies are your National Champions. Because of seeding and the way teams are bracketed, it's impossible to tell at this point who the Final Four will be. But, and due to the seedings these picks are subject to change, I'll go with Duke, UConn, Villanova, and throw in a wildcard Pitt as the Final Four. To give Ken hope, I do think Georgia Tech can make a run to get in the NCAAs. UNC most assuredly be in. Auburn, my Alma Mater, most assuredly won't be in.

The NBA Finals will be the same as last year. Pistons/Spurs. With the opposite ending. Pistons win it all.

World Cup action. The U.S will get out of the first round, but that's as far as we'll make it due to offensive struggles. I don't know the seedings, once again, but I'll take Brazil and Germany in the Finals with Brazil taking home the cup.

Baseball. It doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter. Play fantasy baseball. It means more. The only team I've ever cheered for, the Cincinnati Reds, will again be in the dregs of the NL Central.

Then, there's hockey, which for me isn't that much different than baseball, except that I, in general, like the player's attitudes better. But then, they're actually playing a sport, so that's no surprise. Carolina and Detroit are your conference champs, and the Red Wings will take home the Stanley Cup.

Tennis: Roger Federer. What more is there to say? Nadal will get him again in the French, but Federer's winning three out of four again on his way to being the best ever.

In golf, though I hardly care, I'll just say Tiger Woods will win one major. Mickleson will grab another. Vijay. And then a surprise.

The Dolphins will contend for the playoffs next year (New England will win their division yet again). At this point, I'm betting the Fins draft Jay Cutler from Vanderbilt.

Next year's college football contenders will be Louisville, Auburn, and Miami (But the National Championship won't be until January, and I'm just saving you from this year).

Hopefully, these certainties will allow you to slap down your remote control, and get on the ol' Pearce & Story blog. Chances are, though, you'll probably be picking your lunar back up to tune into the forever going reruns of Law and Order, Law and Order: SVU, Law and Order Criminal Intent, Law and Order: Trial by Jury, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, CSI: Jamaica, CSI: Belarus, CSI: The North Pole, or CSI: Mars. Just remember who helped you out, though, when you have all that free time.

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Rich said...

Well, I may have been wrong on Indy being the Super Bowl champs, but surely I'm right as rain on everything else.