Monday, April 10, 2006

Holy Week

Just wanted to ask if anyone does anything during Holy Week to make it a little more special than the other 51 weeks of the year. I figure different denominations do different things, and those would be good to hear, but also on a personal level, do you do anything? The word "holy" means "to set apart."

I'm looking forward to Easter, but I love, each day of the week, reading through all the Gospels starting with Palm Sunday on what happened during that particular day of the week. Also, I'm bad at memorizing hymns, but I'd like to memorize the classic hymn "Old Rugged Cross" this year. We sang that in church yesterday, and it hit me like it hadn't before.

Anyway, have a great Easter week. Christ is Risen!


codepoke said...

I'm not real good at "making moments." In the end, I was raised by a man who worked 7 days a week and never took a vacation. The part of a person that gets excited about special days just isn't really there for me. That was the cause of some of our more spectacular fights before the divorce.

I'm glad my church is doing a special Good Friday service. Lights off, touching songs, hushed feel. It will be a blessing, and I am looking forward to it.

But, me? I will probably set aside a minute or two.

DugALug said...


Easter is the greatest of all holidays. We try to convey this to our girl by reading scriptures and making it a point to celebrate as many different ways that we can.

We also really try to tell our girl to focus more on His resurection, rather than on His death. So much is made of the cross, and it is so humbling to know what and why He did this for us. But if He would have just died there, then there would be no story. Most all men have died, only a few have been resurected, and even less (as in one) have been resurected by their own power. Christ is awesome and He is worthy of our praise!

Side note: I thought 'holy' meant full of holes. Thanks for clearing that up for me.


Rich said...


You're doing great over at your blog making moments for others, as well as yourself, with on-line Bible studies and all. I'm so glad you're blogging.


That's awesome to hear! Yes it is His death and Resurrection, not just His death, that is the Victory.