Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Hardest Things To Find

As benificent potentates in The Realm of Possibility, Rich and I have always striven (striven?) to be helpful if nothing else. And it's in this vein that I thought a community project might be in order-- a chance for the entire Realm population to lend a helping hand.

But what endeavor would be worthy of the valuable time and energies of a people already encumbered with trying to read 7000 childrens' books, to come up with song lyrics containing the word "rain", or debating the perfect Wonder Woman candidate?

And this is it: To help each other and all of the billions and billions of Internet users out there find the thing (or things) that they consider the most difficult in life to find. What could be more noble than that? And it'll be like our own world-wide web Scavenger hunt.

So, to get you started, I have scoured cyberspace and compiled a list of what the masses have identified as the hardest things to find. Feel free to provide your own additions to the list, but remember our goal is to help these guys and gals by doing our part to mark things off the list below.

Finding a job you enjoy that pays well
No-melt mylar template plastic and silicone compound
Fresh material for an ezine
Water on Skid Row
Woven or Braided cotton rope
Funding to refine an idea into a practical product
Dedicated IP addresses
Drugs in Singapore
Swimsuit and a pair of jeans that fit right
Information on how to DJ
A comfortable, powerful HTML editor
Accurate trail reports
Someone you feel you can trust
Places on the internet where young people can go and have fun safely
A suitable plot of land to build a house
Collectable doll accessories
Second chances
Good financial advice
A comfortable sofa
True Love
Maternity dresses
Genealogical information on female family members
A group of people where you can just be yourself
People who hate pizza
Short Lines
Meaningful information and useful insight
The pinball version of Spy Hunter by Bally
A full-size luxurious featherbed
80 to 100 year old laces and fabrics in good condition
Someone to sit and talk with without getting into an argument
Originality in today’s music
Old photographs
A plate of good grits and a virgin
A trustworthy automotive shop
Well-formed, large lazulite crystals
Great teachers
Things in plain sight
Trim parts for hearses
Good aquarium needle valves
Good staff and good suppliers
Ethiopian children’s books

Happy hunting and please provide links where appropriate, which will lead us to your find!!!


codepoke said...

I might add to the list, "Meaningful things for the denizens of the Realm to do."


P&S said...

I suppose I deserve the skepticism and strange looks, but I actually meant this post to be half-serious (which is all I've ever promised to be here in the Realm).

These are all examples of things that people around the net, and thereby around the world, defined as the "hardest things to find".

I also think that it is implied that these things are important or possibly even critical, in their perspective. And yet, there's a tug-of-war that exists between hope and hopelessness. Hope enough to keep looking and keen awareness that it's probably all in vain.

I personally think that if we can remove one of the things from this list for someone or another "hard to find thing" from a list we might create, then we have had a powerful influence in this world.

Maybe we can't be all things to all people, but didn't Paul say that he was going to try?-- 1Cor 9:22

codepoke said...


Looking at this more seriously, then, I don't see the payout. That these are hard searches immediately proves that they are rare searches. So, we would need to become purveyors of all rare searches to have any kind of a name. We cannot just focus on Ethiopian children's books.

Imagine the work if we got Google to automatically turn us up for any search that had fewer than 50 results!

And in all that, if we made it work, where would be the opportunity to connect with these people? They just want their link.

Rich said...

Short lines are easy to find. Wait until Dorkman comes out and you start signing books.

Also, is the virgin eating the plate of good grits, or can I look for those separately. I think I can find both, just maybe not together.

True love is in The Princess Bride, so that's found.

I think I've done my part.