Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Drunk on the Tears - SQOTW

alibis roll off my tongue
i'm looking for ruins to hide among
i got a soul piled high to excess
with the wonderfully useless and the frivolous

the praise due your name evades my lips
there's no helping hand on my fingertips
i used to be someone now i'm not worth a shit
i've got a truckload of things trying to forget

since back in the garden on the first page
something about the cradle and the grave
the promises broken more promises made
all in the image i've so defaced

played out on the pages of history
dripping in blood that flows from a tree
where the Father and Son part company
come back together for you and me

i don't know why you did it what was your motivation
crucifixion's not a cool sensation
You had something to say and You started to speak
the Cross was a place for Your coronation speech

-- Drunk on the Tears, VOL from the CD Jugular

Not much to say on this one except how much I identify. I'm great at making excuses, and I'm bad at accepting responsibility. Although I'm not big on blaming others, I'm even less big on blaming myself. That sentiment goes with the little things, the bigger things, and THE BIG THING. And then the praise due to God evading my lips... man, does this song have me pegged.

When it all comes down to it, I'm not much of a person but thankful (not nearly thankful enough, though) that Christ died and rose for me. It does and it doesn't end there, of course. I've got to live for Him. Part of that is recognizing my failures and giving those over along with my victories. But I'm a looooooooong way from where I need to be. I'm thankful for the Church, and that God has always seemingly provided Christians in my path, no matter which false trails I run down. Oh, that I can come to the point where, "To live is Christ," and that's it. I'm always trying to add to that or take away, whichever. Mostly, I'm a mess that I'm hoping the Lord will pick up. Nonetheless, I've got to follow and be a disciple. There's no getting out of that one.

Still, it all begins at the Cross and extends from there. And this song states it well. And it states me well.


Maeghan said...

Thanks for your post. I find myself in a mess most of the time as well - in thoughts, in words and in deeds. I am so thankful (but like you not thankful enough, a good reminder that one) that I do not have to depend on myself because it will be hopeless but on God , whom we have all hope. And in response we have to die to ourselves daily, take up the cross and follow Him.

codepoke said...

What Maeghan said.

Amen, Rich.

DugALug said...

Okay Maeghan,

you can represent me too. Well said.

And well said Rich.

Your fellow pond-scumm,