Monday, April 17, 2006

Cinematic Side-splitters

What movies, when you first saw them, had parts in them so funny that you laughed so hard you cried (or something close to it)? Here's a short list for me, although I'm sure I'll think of more and list them in the comments if I do?

My Cousin Vinny
The Naked Gun
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Ruthless People

These aren't necessarily my favorite comedies, because if I was asking for that, I'd be listing other stuff like Fletch, Murder By Death (which is probably close to being on this list for me - sometimes, I'm just in a mood), and maybe even some romantic comedies that I'm not brave enough to name in public at this point.

SO!!!!! What are some movies that almost made you wet your pants they had scenes that were so hilarious?


DugALug said...


Ruthless People: I think you and I saw it together. "Luetinant? This may be the stupidist person on the planet earth?!"

Not too great a movie, but it was pretty darn funny. Maybe it was the company.

Best In Show: Totally unexpected. Parker Posey was simply brilliant. Another great scene: "Here is a little trade secret: they all jump!"

Young Frankenstein: talk timelessly funny. 'You got a brain?' 'Yes!' 'Whose?!' 'It was a girl's brain.' 'what was her name?' 'Abi!' "Abi who?' 'Normal" You got and 'Abnormal Brain?' Oh how easy it is to please me. I watched it a few months ago and noticed that Ray Romano's father in everyone loves raymond was Frankenstein.

Murder By Death: "Honorable son walk across rickety bridge to make sure it is safe enough for honorable father". Peter was awesome.

Pink Panther movies (any of them): "Kato?!" How about when he visited the police chief the day he was to be let out of the sanitarium. It still makes me roll.

What About Bob: Bill Murray's greatest acheivement. That movie was beyond brilliant. I've been told that Murray only had a portion of a script. Most of the dialog between him and Dreyfus was totally ad-libbed.

There are more, but this is a pretty good list.


codepoke said...

My favorite movie of all time, Groundhog Day. Funny the first time, and still funny now.

Holy Grail is an interesting one to me. The first time I saw it, I don't think I chuckled twice. The second time, I died laughing through the whole movie. Loved it from that moment on, of course, so I am going to let it qualify.

He Said, She Said. We had our first kid already, and this movie was right on time. Killer hilarious.

Princess Bride. I know it is basically an action flick, but it really was funny.

Pretty amusing. 3 chick flix in my top 4 comedies.

Brett said...

I think the hardest I ever laughed at a movie theater was during Raising Arizona when the Nick Cage character was robbing a convenience store for diapers. The would-be thief had pantyhose on his head and the old rube behind the counter looks at him, apparently not realizing he is being robbed, and says helpfully to Nick Cage, "Son, you got a panty on your head." I don't know why that struck me as so funny, but it did and I basically missed the next few minutes of the movie because I couldn't control my laughter. I was laughing that laugh where you don't make any sounds and your sides really, really hurt.

Also, Kevin Kline's character mocking Michael Palin's in A Fish Called Wanda was very, very funny. Much in that movie was very, very funny.

The Pontius Pilate / Biggus Dickus lisping in Life of Brian was outrageously funny. The whole Biggus Dickus and Incontinentia Buttocks thing is juvenile humor, but very funny.

WandaV said...

Great! A post I can smile at!

1. Any of the Pink Panther movies. We saw these at the theatre and I remember laughing like crazy.

2. What's Up Doc the chase scene in this is hilarious! And when the whole group winds up in front of a judge and Barbara S. finally speaks up only to say, "Hi, Daddy."
My dad laughed so hard at this one that he said he felt something pop in his side and he was sore for a couple of weeks.

3. I'll agree about the Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Great stuff!

4. I know it's not movies, but I love to laugh at Monk.


Rich said...


Ruthless People is what I meant when I wrote Risky Business. I've now edited my post. And yes! We saw it together at Auburn, and I vividly remember us both on the floor of the theater laughing so hard at Judge Reinhold playing the idiot thief. Priceless. You're right, as a movie it was maybe only okay, but it was worth every penny for the laughter that spilled.

Rich said...


A Fish Called Wanda! Yes! Definite side-splitter for me. That movie was just so fun in it's humor all the way through.

Where's K-K-K-K-Ken so I can make fun of him?


I don't even know how I left out The Princess Bride - probably because I consider it such a great movie and not just a funny one. But yeah, Wallace Shawn had me laughing out loud in the theater until the people I was with probably included me in with Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle: a moron!


The part you quoted from Young Frankenstein was another perfect example. Marty Feldman made me laugh just by looking at him as Igor, but the whole Abby Normal scene had me rolling.

And of course I've mentioned Murder By Death already.

Milly said...

Too many to list- I love Raising Arizona and could do a good rendition of “Give me that baby you road hog from he**”( I was raised Southern) any Marx Brothers movie. Fierce Creatures.

DugALug said...

Oh my goodness,

I forgot Raising Arizona:

"Sir, is there any truth to the fact that your neighbors saw them martian aliens come down in a spaceship and abduct your child?"

"Now son? Don't go puttin' something like that in your newspaper print! If my wife reads that she will give up all hope!".

Pick any Cohen brother movie. That are all full of awesome lines.

I also forgot Uncle Buck.


I thought is was Bill Pullman who was the stupid theif. Judge was the innept kidnapper.


codepoke said...

How could I forget, "K-K-K-Ken C-C-C-C-Coming to K-K-K-Kill me."?!

Fish Named Wanda is one of the few I have seen more than twice.

P&S said...

Something about Mary: Several places where I shouldn't have laughed but did.

Three Amigos: When they shot the invisible swordsman, I lost it. I couldn't breathe and dropped my popcorn. Also, the canteen scene is funny.

Meet the Parents: Several scenes, but the volleyball to the face is classic.

This is Spinal Tap: When they can't find the stage. And others.

Mystery Men: Mr. Furious vs. the Sphinx and the Spleen's directional flatulence. "I shovel well."

Austin Powers (mostly the first one: Again at many things I shouldn't have. "Hey, that looks like a..."

What About Bob: Ditto

The Jerk: "Well, really between here and here, but not here and below here."

Arsenic and Old Lace: High energy laughs all the way through.

Jumanji: When monkey boy realizes that he's using the axe to breakdown the shed to get the axe. He doesn't say a word, just looks at the camera, and it's hilarious.

Just the ones off the top of my head.

WandaV said...

I never saw "A Fish Called Wanda" on principal.

How funny would have been if it was called "A Fish Called Ken" or "A Fish Called Rich"? Hmmm?

who is NOT a fish!