Monday, April 10, 2006

1/2 Way to Party-time

This post represents our 250th. Way back at Post # 100, I said:

And what would a 100th Post celebration without a gala to back it up? Party at Ken's place Friday night everybody: 7:00 p.m. and we'll go for 100 hours without sleeping. Get in on the action now cuz there ain't gonna be another celebration until Number 500!

If you don't mind a small wager, what are the odds that we'll make that?

Not sure how many of you guys, and especially any of you girls, I saw at Ken's that Friday. Well, to be more specific, I can't even really remember seeing Ken... or his house... that Friday, but I'm sure it was because I was so dazed and amazed by the end of the bash. But there'll be a bigger and even better one at 500 posts, and you're all invited -- if we make it.

Which brings me to that last question. Now, that Ken has decided to be a troll instead of a poster and contributor here at The Realm, what really are the odds we'll make 500 posts? They can't be good, what with all my excuses for time crunches. Anyone besides Trollmeister Ken want to hazard a guess as to what those odds are? Or better yet, how 'bout just a "Yes" or "No." Will The Realm make it to 500 posts? 1000? How about 251? Or, better, how 'bout 252 because there's another Bill Mallonee post coming tomorrow, and I don't miss those, no matter how much fun Ken makes of me.


Oberon said...

.......and our weapons shall be Truth and Love.

Rich said...

Huh? Did that comment hit the right post?

DugALug said...

ummm... ok.

Congrats on 250.


codepoke said...

Yeah, I was going to comment here, but oberon threw me off the other night. I think this is how he drives visitors to his site.

It's really not a bad idea. Google search for anything remotely close to what you are doing, leave an abstract comment with your ID tag to push people back to your site. You'll notice that most of his visitors seem to have no clue what's going on.

Comments building on that thought are, of course, in order.


You guys are WAY to creative to ever quit having stuff to put out here, and I am way to fascinated to ever quit checking it out!

We'll all be here.

Rich said...

you said:
You guys are

You guys? Huh. I don't see any guy"s". All I see is me. One guy.

[Actually, I'll be seeing Ken tomorrow at our writer's Critique Group. After we see each other, one of us may well be dead. Then there will only be one guy! I hope it's me or the blog sure will suffer.]

Shhhhh! What's that? What's that? It sounded like a Ken. I better get outta here while the gettin's good.

DugALug said...


Can't we all just get along? Love one another?

I'm not afraid of either of you 'guys'. You don't scare me one bit, but if you need an 'arbitrator'... don't call me, because I am clearly biased.


Rich said...


Fear the Rich.

DugALug said...



Sorry the coke I was drinking just went through my nose from laughing too hard.


DugALug said...

BTW Rich,

Did you and Ken work things out at your critique? Did you guys hug? I am hoping you resolved to working more vigalantly on 'The Realm?'.

I miss Ken's posts (don't tell him I said that: since he isn't on here that much lately he will never notice I said this).

I am also tired of your two jabbing-banter. Come on Man! Get on with it!


codepoke said...

Preach it Doug! I second your call to the halcyon days of yore.