Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hay por aqui un buen restaurante?

Great Mexican food is definitely one of my weaknesses. So when I find a restaurant with especially tasty enchiladas, fajitas, or chile rellenos, I don't forget it. Here are my personal Top 5 Mexican places in this country, and I promise you can't go wrong with any of them.

And PLEASE, let me hear yours, too! Camarero!

Number One: El Meson, Chattanooga, TN -- No afterdinner belching or Mexi-mouth after a meal at El Meson. It's easy on the stomach and the palate. And their green chile salsa... Mmmm!

Number Two: Chope's, La Mesa, NM -- Pull up a chair in Chope's living room-turned-restaurant. It's a little bit of a drive from Las Cruces (when you cross the Rio Grande you're getting close), but it's worth it. Everything is good, but the chile rellenos melt in your mouth like a good dessert. Also, make sure that you don't confuse it with Chope's Bar which is nearby.

Number Three: Casa Blanca, Madison, AL -- To some around these parts it may seem as though Casa Blanca is taking over the world. They have a new location seemingly open every week. But for good reason. They have a nice atmosphere, a friendly waitstaff, and great food. The fajita taco salad is my favorite. And the pico de gallo is cilantro heaven.

Number Four: Cervantes, Albuquerque, NM -- I just have two words for you: Sopapilla.

Number Five: La Fogata, San Antonio, TX -- The food is fabulous, but to me it's the combination of lush patios, neon lights, bubbling fountains, and festive music that put it over the top. Definitely go near sunset to enjoy the best of the daytime and nighttime atmosphere.


DugALug said...


I've actually been to Cervantes... and you are correct. It is awesome.

I've also been to Chope's, and I didn't like it as much.

Here in Orlando, we have a place called Paco's. It is a dive, but it is particularly awesome. Until recently it was a cash-only resturaunt. Still it tops almost anywhere else that I have been.

I must admit, that I like the pretty much all of the tex-mex chains. Chipolte, Tiajuana Flats, and Baja Burrito are all pretty high on my list for quick food.

God Bless

Weekend Fisher said...

In the little town of Freer, Texas, deep in the heart of Tex-Mex country, there is a little mom-and-pop restaurant that I've never heard the name of, but everyone who has ever been to Freer says has the best Mexican food they have ever eaten. Home-made goat cheese. Home-made jalapeno jelly. And of course home-made tortillas, salsa, and the rest. I've heard a half a dozen people recommend it, most of whom have never met each other and have nothing in common except they once spent the night in Freer and asked where to find some good eating.

Unfortunately, nobody outside of Freer seems to remember the name of the place. Just the food.

P&S said...

Where in the great state of Texas can one begin the hunt for Freer?

Weekend Fisher said...

Freer is kinda between Corpus Christi and Laredo, or if you're heading from Houston to Laredo it's along the way there also.