Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Guy's Funny

Huge hat tip to my friend Doug (DugALug), who introduced me to the humor of the comedian pictured, Brian Regan, a few years back. You've probably heard of him as he's been around quite awhile. But if you haven't...

Brian Regan is freakin' hilarious - in my opinion a five-star (out of five) comedian. His observational humor keeps his audience, young and old alike, in stitches. He's current, he's clean, he's catchy, he's comical. My kids and I often run around the house, heck we do it out in public, quoting Regan-isms. Frequently, he talks about his past, and with both my kids involved in baseball, they constantly want to hear (from his CD, Brian Regan Live), Lousy in Little League. Here's an example of that from YouTube. Of course, this bit doesn't show his actions, and that's half the fun. Better for expression are these bits from YouTube on UPS and Doctors. YouTube has a lot of other bits if your interested. I just thought it would actually help the blog if I brought along some humor with me, especially if it's not my own. Hope you enjoy!

"Take Luck!"


DugALug said...

Well said, Rich.

He is still my favorite comedian by far.


P&S said...

Hey Honey Head Boy,

I went to his live performance when he was in town recently, and I have the CD and two DVDs. The fam even has him on iPod. He's MY favorite comedian.

I can't believe that we've never talked about this, I'm a DUFUS!!This is the worst thing that has ever happened! Ever! Literally!

Or maybe it's just the Epitome of Hyperbole (sic).

Rich said...

That is amazing we've never talked about Brain Regan.

And, I'd like to borrow the two DVDs. Sort of like the rent-to-own plans I've used when borrowing your movies in the past. :)

Diabolical Genius said...

You mean like you're currently using with my San Francisco Earthquake DVD?

Also, it's not Brain Regan. It's B%#QX7 Regan. And it's pronounced Brahhgghhhuuuunnnnnn. It's very hard to say.

Rich said...