Monday, June 29, 2009

You Know What's Cool?

I gotta brother who just went to Israel. He called my Dad from the Garden of Gethsemane a couple of days ago. Over the 4th of July, our family's having a nuclear reunion, and we're going to get to share, play games, joke, be tender, and hear about his trip to Israel. It's going to be great. Does that sound cool or what?

I gotta friend who holds my feet to the fire, who listens and advises with wisdom, and who loves in action and deed. He's been a rock. I call him outtatheblue, and it's like we never missed a day. Kinda cool, huh?

I gotta sister who has an autistic child. Sometimes, she thinks she's the worst mother in the world to him and his brother. Reality is, though, that her children couldn't have a better parent... set of parents. And my sister and I are close. We share everything, laugh and cry together, and she's been a blessing and a dear friend to me in countless ways. I love her with a passion. Is that not cool?

I gotta a friend who has waited and waited on me, and he still waits. And he's never given up. Speaking of "given", he's given and given and still gives. I'd put this guy against anyone who ever spawned an idea. I'm simply amazed by him. Cool, eh?

I gotta set of parents that have been married forty-some-odd years, and who have been there through thick and then. Despite it all, they still love me, my brother, my sister, and each other. Is there a cooler gift they could give than that?

I gotta friend, who when I'm in his house, he'll pick up a guitar, and anyone there will just start singing and nobody worries about how they sound. They just sing. Same friend loves me like Jesus loves me. Wherever I go, if I rise, fall, run the race, stray from the trail, go desolate, he's there for me and I know that I know that I know will always be there. Cool doesn't even touch that, does it?

I gotta son, another son, and a daughter, and if you added up every sunrise and every sunset that have ever been and ever will be, they don't measure close to the beauty of those three. Could anything be cooler?

I gotta God with grace, and I wallow in it. He lived and died for me. Lived again, even. He soooooo loves the world... That breaks the Cool-o-meter, does it not?

Relationships are cool to me.

Anyone else got anything? You know what's cool?


Anonymous said...

You know what's cool? Friends who blog!


Rich said...

Muchas, muchas gracias, wv.

What's even cooler, Wanda, is friends that care enough to come and read blogs. Because let's face it, if I'm the only one that ever reads what I write, it gets a little old.