Saturday, January 23, 2010

Picture of a Tornado Over My Church

A tornado touched down here in Huntsville a couple of days ago about a mile from my old house. Someone caught this picture of the tornado with my church (First Baptist - Huntsville) in the foreground. Really cool picture, but a little disturbing, too. What do you think?


Milly said...

We had one several years ago in the field next to my home. We see a lot of them here in Oklahoma but when they are coming towards you it’s freaky. We grabbed the camera and started filming ‘cause that’s how Okies roll.

It's a cool photo and disturbing yes

Anonymous said...

That is a totally amazing shot, Rich. The church right across the street from us got part of their roof blown off. Ours was spared, thank God.

Oh! A shameless commercial for you and Ken: Brett Butler, the former MLB All-star, will be speaking at our church this Saturday. Come to West Huntsville Baptist at 8am for a men's breakfast and hear him -- all for free! He and his wife will be with us Sunday morning, too. Consider yourself invited.