Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blank on a Blank

A coworker recently decided to get his jollies by having Samuel L. Jackson call people and tell them to go see the movie "Snakes on a Plane". Apparently you can do this pretty easily from the movie's website.

Anyway, it got a discussion started about how this movie may be breaking ground for a whole new genre of books and movies. The "Blank on/in/under/etc a Blank" genre. It's like million dollar Madlibs, and it's as easy as popping up a bag microwave popcorn to sell for 8 bucks.

Just pick two objects, your preposition of choice, add in a marginal acting talent, a smattering of extras, bake at 350, and then market the heck out of it.

Brilliant!! And there are so many potential combinations that you don't even have to worry about someone stealing your idea and beating you to the punch. And if they do, just swap out one of your three ingredients and you're golden again.

Some of our ideas so far:

Dingos in a Dirigible
Chiggers (Red Bugs for you non-southerners) in a Shopping Mall
Sabre-tooths at a Cheerleading Camp
Cheese with a Commode
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (doh! That one has been done)
Ferrets on a Ferris Wheel
Poop in a Punchbowl and a Swimming Pool
Post-hole diggers on a see-saw
Planes over a Snake

I'm sure that there are some obvious omissions. Give me yours (at least the PG-rated ones).

Who knows? Maybe Mark Hamill or Kevin Costner will be giving folks a ring to pimp your flick in two shakes of rattlesnake. Oooh! Snakes in a shake.

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DugALug said...


How about:

Fleas in a Camel


Bugs in the rugs


Thugs with the drugs


Doug with a slug

couldn't these be Dr. Seus books too?

The possiblities are endless!

God Bless