Sunday, August 27, 2006

Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave

The new Dorkman website is up!!! You can find it at

Let me know what you think, but be gentle.

You know how your arrows wound me.

A link to a new Dorkman-centered blog and message board can also be found there. As well as an email address for us.

A Pearce & Story writing website is also in the works.

Our intent is to migrate discussion on those topics to the appropriate web space so as not to overwhelm the Realm with nothing but P&S, P&S, P&S. Or else some of you will start to get P&S'ed.

Stop by our other sites and by all means INVITE YOUR FRIENDS.

Thanks for bearing with us in this busy time and look for some new general interest topics and maybe some guest posters here in the Realm.

Peace to all Realm dwellers.

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