Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yawwwwn... Have I been sleeping long?

As the Crew Cuts and the Chords were wont to say in the '50's, "Life could be a dream, sh-boom".

And sometimes, I find myself sleepwalking through life, as if it were just that... a dream.

When suddenly, I wake up and realize that time and things, often important things like people, have passed me by.

It usually occurs when either circumstances surround me-- pressing in, threatening to strangle all of the joy out of living-- or at least it feels that way. Or when I get overly absorbed, obsessive even, about one aspect of my life whether its a leisure activity, a hobby, or an internal goal.

Then I just click off, check out, and go through the motions oblivious to the needs or feelings of those around me. This penchant was hammered home to me recently by the Adam Sandler masterpiece ironically or maybe not so ironically named, "Click".

I hopped into the theater expecting to baste in mindless, moronic slapstick and bathroom humor and instead was treated to a scathing, heart-wrenching indictment of my zone-out behavior. I suppose it is some consolation that I'm not alone, else why would they have made a movie about it, right?

But after my awakening comes like a cold splash of water, and I repent and resolve up and down not to repeat this pattern, it seems much more difficult in practical terms to prioritize and establish balance.

There are so many demands on our energy and time and just enough Type A over-achievers who act as though all can in fact be accomplished if you just try harder (the concept of trying harder is a rant for another post) that its much easier to just say, "Aww, screw it. I'll be over here taking another nap."

Anyway, I'm not sure I've got this thing licked yet, but for what its worth, I'm baaa-aaack. And my intention is to resurrect the Realm of Possibility with more of the witty, thought-provoking discussion and banter that many of you have come to expect.

So, if you're reading this, stop by occasionally. At least between your own naps.


codepoke said...

Wow. I did not expect to see anything out here for another 27 days!

I'm glad to hear Click was a winner. I have liked Sandler's last couple movies.

Be sure to let us know the Dorkman progress as it nears. Glad to see you back.

Milly said...

Glad you awake now.

Maeghan said...

Good to see you up :)

DugALug said...


Welcome back... man I have been in realm withdraw. Did Rich give you my message that you are a jerk (for not keeping up with the realm, not in any other way... that I know of)? My guess is no. Well I'm never one to mosey around the bush.

It is really great to see you back in the saddle.

God Bless

B said...

I know this is a few days late, but I just checked in and I'm glad to see new posts!