Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Whatcha Reading?

Right now, I'm in the middle of The Lightning Thief, which I have to say, I'm enjoying quite a bit. More than I thought I would. My son, Carson (11), had loved The Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, siad they were his favorite books EVER, so I thought maybe I should check them out and see what he likes so much. The main character, Percy, Riordan nails, and I can see why boys would like him. The mythological gods, demigods, monsters, and other characters brought current will have kids enthralled in this story as well as checking out Greek and Roman myth books from the school or local libraries. Also, I think The Lightning Thief is coming out as a movie in 2011. So that's on the list.

Also, I'm about four or five chapters through The Hunger Games -- as recommended by Joanna, and written by Suzanne Collins -- and that's been fantastic, as well, to this point. Actually, I'm reading this one to my boys, so although I'd like to be going faster, I'm sort of hamstrung on that account. They're enjoying the story as much as I am. Carson always starts out picking up a Spider-Man comic book when nighttime reading begins, but within thirty seconds of me starting into The Hunger Games, he's set down the comic and is fascinated. Davis asks a lot of questions, but he's into it probably more than my older son. Collins has done a good job with the post-apocalyptic Panem world, and I've warmed to her protagonist. The story reminds me a bit of that old Schwartznegger movie, The Running Man, if anyone ever saw that one -- but this book is quite a bit better than that movie, despite Richard Dawson's appearance (sarcasm alert!).

Not sure which book I'd say was better... they're for different age groups. Really, I give them both really high marks for their target audiences and just from a personal enjoyment standpoint as well.

For Sunday School, our class is reading and discussing Christian Beliefs, which is essentially the cliff notes version of Wayne Grudem's 10-jillion page tome Systematic Theology. I couldn't hope to make it through that one, although we've got some guys in our church wading through it... bless their hearts. No, I'm good with the twenty basics. Really, I'd be even better if I could just get two commandments down. Regardless, I'm reading the book. The short one.

So that's it for me right now. How about you?


DugALug said...


I'm Reading Oikos::You World Delivered by Tom Mercer. Kind of interesting, but also somewhat challenging.

I also finishing another Andy Andrews books: The Lost Choice: A Lengend of Personal Discovery.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble reading anything lately. I have a Fforde book to read, a Glenn Beck book, a Robin McKinley book. I've no excuses. Just can't read right now. :(

Laura Leigh said...

I am embarrassed to share that I am reading the series by Charlene Harris that the HBO series "True Blood" is based on. I am on book 9 of 9.

Rich said...

Okay, I've finished The Lightning Thief and moved on to The Sea of Monsters, which is the second book in the series. Blowing through them... which means "I likee!"