Friday, September 18, 2009

Patrick Swayze Post Script

I was never a huge fan, but my mom, who is what I consider a typical female Oprah-watcher, liked him a lot and says he was a really good person. Others have made similar statements, so I'll go along with that. Think my mom even met his mother, who I believe owns or owned a dance studio. Of his movies, I saw The Outsiders, Red Dawn, Roadhouse, and Ghost, and then I saw one episode of The Beast on television. Never saw Dirty Dancing, Donnie Darko, To Wong Foo, or Point Break. None of the movies were classics, although I think The Outsiders and Ghost both had a bit of a following and Ghost was a pretty good movie. Roadhouse has taken a beating over the years, but I was entertained by that ol' Dalton in that one.

However, what I saw or thought is neither here nor there. Patrick Swayze was a figure most people knew, and, like Farrah Fawcett, his battle with cancer was pretty well publicized. People were pulling for him. So, if there are any thoughts you have about him and don't mind sharing, let us know.


Anonymous said...

What?! Dirty Dancing is not a classic? Remember, "No on puts Baby in a corner."

Anonymous said...

I saw Red Dawn once. Can't say I've seen anything else with Patrick Swayze in it, so I'm not a huge fan. Still, I'm always saddened when someone else loses the battle with cancer. RIP


Anonymous said...

If you have read SE Hinton’s Outsiders you know the disappointment I had in that movie. Not a fan of a few of his movies. I will say that cancer sucks and kills. It’s sad for those who really knew him and will miss him.

DugALug said...

Red Dawn is a great flick.

God bless