Monday, September 28, 2009

Viruses and Dinosaurs

Wish I was exaggerating about having a computer virus, but it turns out the part I was a little hyperbolic with on that subject was the word "had"... as in "I had a computer virus." No, it turns out that, while that was true, not only did I "had" a computer virus, but I still have one.

The other computer I have at home is a dinosaur sooooooooo old that turning it on takes a good half hour.

Right now, I'm pretty hosed as far as posting much to the blog. I'll try starting something from my home computer tonight, and maybe I'll have something within the next two days. Now, though, since I'm at work, I need to make this short. I hope your lives are going great.

Aside from the Dolphins being 0-3... well, is there really an aside from that?


Anonymous said...

I had one after the computer folks "Helped" me by making it worse. I threw a honk'n fit and they had me wip out everything I had. Now I'm a bit lost but I'm virus free and my computer works. Now if I could fix my slow old desk top one.

Good luck!


Kevin Knox said...

Sorry dude. I really hate it for you.

I've had very good luck with Kaspersky Internet Security. It cleaned up the nasty "Not a virus" virus, when nothing else could. I've never had any damage with it running, and it's done good cleanup work on an already infected computer.

Wiping the drive is a great option, though, if you can get back to your data. It's a powerful argument for separating your operating system drive from your data drive.

Mostly, I'm just sorry. Good luck.

Rich said...

Thanks, Millie & Kevin.