Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tearjerker Flicks

Alright, Lords and Ladies, for today, let's all get in touch with our feminine side. What are the movies that made you cry? It can be as a kid or an adult. However, if you're a person that's apt to let the rivers flow at any touching cinematic moment, then I only want to hear the ones where you were crying walking out of the theater... and then later on, whenever you thought of the movie or touching scenes, the water was falling once again. We're talking major league blubbering here.

Obviously, as this is a blog, everyone is more than welcome to expound on the scenes or parts of each movie listed that made them well up with tears. And just as painstakingly obvious, as this is a blog, anyone who would rather not expound, well, they're more than welcome to just list some movies... or lurk... whatever so pleases.

Brian's Song (pictured) and Where the Red Fern Grows were two movies, as a kid, I can remember just outright bawling when I watched. Even today, Brian's Song will get to me when I watch it. Also, I know Christians had both good and bad views of it, but I cried during Passion of the Christ. Really, though, I'm not a huge crier at movies, so it takes a bit. I'll try to remember a few more and list them in the comments.

Okay then, all you macho dudes "woman-up", and girls, I'm bracing myself for some Nicholas Sparks books-to-movies (rrrrreeeeeeetchhhhhhhhhh!!!). Make me cry!


Anonymous said...

Steel Magnolias - saddest movie ever

Of course I cry at commercials on tv too.


Joanna said...

Movies that make me cry:

The girly ones:
Ever After
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (the first one)

The un-girly ones:
Pixar's UP (in the freakin' first five minutes)
Walk the Line (MAJOR bawling in the movie theater)
Wit (starring Emma Thompson. Talk about emotionally traumatizing!! Not recommended to watch alone in the dark. Utterly fabulous movie, but I never want to see it again!!)

Laura Leigh said...



Anonymous said...

Armeggedon, Pearl Harbor, Daredevil, really anything with Ben Affleck in it

High School Musical when Troy and Gabriella broke up.

Old Yeller, Tristan and Isolde, Big and of course Legends of the Fall.

I also saw a movie not to long ago about aliens in South Africa that was surprisingly moving and sad. Can't remember the name right now, sorry.

Diabolical Genius said...

Alright, I'll play the crying game.

Simon Birch
Big Fish
David Copperfield
Bang the Drum Slowly
Pride of the Yankees
Bridge to Terabithia
My Girl
Driving Miss Daisy
The Notebook
Tuck Everlasting
Fried Green Tomatos
Say Anything
Pride and Prejudice
The Patriot
and I agree about Steel Magnolias, Gone With the Wind, and the beginning of Up. Very, very sad. I think I may have actually shed a tear in Armageddon as well.

Never heard of Wit, but I love Emma Thompson. Have to check it out during the day in a large crowd.

Rich said...

the crying game

wow, ken, you cried in The Crying Game?

huh? i wouldn't have pegged that.

Anonymous said...

I'm bracing myself for some Nicholas Sparks books-to-movies

Ick! Please I can't do thst stuff! I was held at gun point and forced to watch the last movie out Nights in Rodanthe. I wanted to to be shot as the women around me sniffed and wipped tears away. All i could think was die some one just die.


Anonymous said...

Sunset Blvd
Pay It Forward
Black Hawk Down
What Ever Happened To Baby Jane
West Side Story
Imitation of Life

. . .others


Anonymous said...

Rob Roy
Return to Me
Where the Red Fern Grows (movie and book!)
Because of Winn Dixie (okay, more the book than the movie, but still...)

I don't usually sit down to watch a movie (or read a book) if I know it's going to make me cry. I'd much rather laugh.


Shawn said...

PS I love you....ULTIMATE cry-fest

Diabolical Genius said...

Wow, thanks Shawn!!

That means a lot. Love you too, babe.

DugALug said...

Okay here are some that made me cry!

The Mission.
Up (I kid you not).
Simon Birch
Bridge to Terabithia
Schindler's List
My Life
Love Story

There are so many I could name here!

God Bless

Anonymous said...

You might retch but c'mon
Terms of Endearment
Are you mother haters?
Shirley McClaine haters?
hmmm... maybe that's it.
It was sad.

I agree with many said... and Up (the beginning) is one of the most touching and tear-jerking of all.

I would have forgotten about Simon Birch but yes, that's another good one.
Need to think on this more...

Rich said...

Speaking just for myself, I'm not a Shirley McClain (sp?) fan.

On the other hand, I do appreciate mothers.

DugALug said...

Actually what got me in Up was when he took out the grape-soda cap and pinned it on the boy at the end.

That was really touching.

God Bless