Saturday, December 10, 2005


Perhaps to no one's interest besides my own, Carson, my oldest (7) son, and his basketball team chose their name Thursday night. Here in Alabama, seemingly everyone has a side on the Auburn/Bama collegiate sports rivalry, and Carson is no different. He was calling for his team's name to be the Tigers. A couple other whoopersnappers wanted the Tide - as in Crimson Tide - which would have worked out really well if we end up with shamrock-colored uniforms. In their infinite wisdom, the coaches disqualified both those names. The three other names tossed into the hat were the Chargers (University of Alabama in Huntsville's mascot), the Bulls (amazing that the name has any clout this long after Michael Jordan has retired), and the Blazers (University of Alabama in Birmingham mascot). Never having been a Jordan fan, my hope was anything but the Bulls. And the kids made a great choice: the Blazers.

Games don't start until after the holidays, so no one has to worry about any superficial updates for a little while. But since we link the bizarre and the ridiculous here - or at least plan to - last year, my son's team went 1-10-1, and I kid you not they lost on no less than four buzzer beaters and two other games by a basket or less. In kid's U-6 basketball, that's almost miraculous (not the close scores, but losing on MADE baskets at the buzzer) - and particularly painful with losses mounting game after game after game after game after game. Not that we parents cared that much other than you want your kid to feel good at least after one game in every four.

Anyhoo, each new season breeds new optimism, and ten loss seasons are now a thing of the past. I hope, anyway. And though I won't lay down a post after every Blazer game, I'll certainly hit the team milestones for all of our loyal, loyal readers out there. I realize everyone's waiting with bated breath on the edge of their seats for Blazer scores and Carson's contributions, and I aim to please. So everyone get out there and purchase your Blazer caps and t-shirts because we're getting at least two wins this year - I guarantee it.

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