Saturday, December 03, 2005

Welcome to the Realm of Possibility

"Whether perceived or real, in certain places, the sun shines a little brighter, grass grows a little greener, the air breathes a little more pure, and life lives a little more real. So it was in the Realm of Possibility." -- Crown of the Summerhavens

The Realm of Possibility is a fun place where many seemingly impossible ideas come to meet. The Realm is semi-serious, sometimes silly, often sarcastic, but never sacreligious.

The Realm is always friendly and welcoming to visitors who are young or young at heart and will tolerate those who are immature until they are no longer any fun.

We will discuss and link the bizarre, the legendary, the imaginary, the hypothetical, and the nostalgic.

The Realm will also from time to time host the unabashed self-promotion of the Pearce & Story writing team. This will include the publication of some of their best short stories, essays, ramblings, etc.

So, welcome. We hope that you will visit often!!

1 comment:

P&S said...

some of their best short stories, essays, ramblings, etc.

And occasionally some of their not-so-best, especially in the ramblings department.