Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I hate conventional wisdom

Can’t stand it. The very idea that you should make a decision or form a belief based on the preponderance of what has supposedly worked for others in similar situations annoys the snot out of me. But I think what really chaps me most of all is the smugness associated with it.

Conventional wisdom just swaggers in not having to prove anything, dares you to step out on your own, and waits to sneer as soon as it looks like you might fail. (How’s that for over-personification?)

I love it when conventional wisdom falls on its cocky butt and cries like a baby (did it again). When something that isn’t supposed to happen… happens anyway. Or things that aren’t supposed to exist… do.

So, naturally, a recent headline touting the discovery of a giant waterfall that no one knew existed caught my attention. But the best part is that it wasn’t located in the deepest, darkest corner of Africa but in a National Park in Cali-forn-i-a.

My favorite line from one of the articles about the find is, “In the era of satellites and high-technology imaging systems, that such a spectacle should evade park officials for nearly all the park's 40 years is remarkable, said park Superintendent Jim Milestone.”

Take that conventional wisdom.

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