Saturday, December 10, 2005

Narnian Reviews

Here are Jared Wilson's review and Christianity Today's review to C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.


jared said...

Thanks for the link, Rich!

Btw, who are those other Thinklings in your roll? (grumble)
Since we've been around since 2003, don't you think they be The Thinklings Part Deux? ;-)

Rich said...

No problem, Jared. And I think Ken corrected our links so that the REAL Thinklings are now first and your imposters are now Part Deux. We probably would have deleted them altogether because before yesterday, I had never seen the blog before - but then they were reviewing a C.S. Lewis book as well as What Saint Paul Really Said by NTW, so I told Ken to leave it for now.

For his part in the original mix-up, Ken, who despite being the "man behind the curtain" here, is pretty much blameless. He knew I liked going to your guys' website, and he thought, in our haste to get links up, they were both you (the same guys) -- not really ever visiting either site himself before linking.

We're obviously new at this and are both learning as we go. Not sure how much linking your review at this point will help you out because whenever I call out in this corner of cyberspace, it sure sounds pretty hollow out there.

Anyway, thanks for actually giving us some traffic!!! At this point, you've pretty much got the road to yourself.

jared said...

Dude, no worries. I wasn't upset; I was just joking.

Just thought it weird to find another Thinklings.
What's on your blogroll is your business. Bow to no one, I say! ;-)

Good stuff over here, man. Will have to bookmark it.

Rich said...

Yeah, I figured it was no big deal (I mean, we all know who the real Thinklings are, don't we?), but I did want to explain.

Thanks for bookmarking. Now finish up on that novel, will ya? Ken and I are working on our third, so you're providing me incentive to keep up!