Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Agent Aaron Pierce Upholding the Namesake

On last week's 24, the previews to next week's episode shows the return of our favorite thin-lipped secret service agent, that being, of course, Agent Aaron Pierce. Perhaps, if anyone else out there watches the show (if not, what a misappropriate post this is, but then, I fall into that trap all the time, don't I?) you thought he was dead as characters on this drama, aside from Jack Bauer, have a way of finding themselves literally breathless more often than not. And ~ chances are, he will die... but not yet he hasn't. Since he shares my same last name, albeit the show producers like all my school teachers growing up, have spelled his name wrong, I have a particular affection for the fellow. Obviously, the name should be Agent Aaron "Pearce," the properly phonetic Welsh spelling of the name, and henceforth on this post, Aaron Pearce it shall be.

Being as how I'm an expert on the name of "Pearce" and in the field of Pearce-knowledge, I just wanted to let you guys know how well, or not, our favorite SSA is upholding the namesake.

On the positive side, just coming up like he did from basically a White House go-fer in the David Palmer administration to becoming President Palmer's Chief of the Secret Service Agent Staff of America and All Over the World, that's pretty good and, without a doubt, resembles something a Pearce might well do. Also, as we noted in next week's previews, Agent Pearce is a glutton for punishment when he's loyal to a cause. Under no uncertain terms, bloody-faced and all, he calls out the evil-weasel-and-near-suicide-victim-except-for-a-saving-phone-call-from-the-one-person-who-may-rival-the-evil-weasel-President's-evil-weaselness, that being President Charles Logan, as a, well, let me quote, "You're a disgrace to the Office of the President!" Very, very Pearce-like, I have to say. The best and most Pearcealian attribute our good agent has is the ventiloquist-like talent to talk without hardly at all moving his ultra thin lips. Not that thin lips are a notable quality of Pearces, but we certainly say a lot of stuff without moving our lips, or at least we try. "What'd you call me?" I ask my brother. "My lips didn't move. I didn't say nothin'," he'll respond. Oh, but I heard it. No mistaking that word. So, yes, Agent Aaron Pearce has some quality Pearce attributes that add to the reality of the show for me.

Aaaaaaah, but on the downside, there's the whole subtle, covert, seemingly platonic romance between our fair agent and the First Lady. Now, this is something the nation doesn't need to see. I'm not saying a Pearce might not experience some kind of romantic attraction for a President's wife - although that certainly hasn't been my experience - but this? This??? If it wasn't for Mike Novak coming in and catching Agent Pearce and Mrs. Logan holding hands earlier in the season, I'm fairly sure the viewing audience would have been subjected to a excruciatingly nauseous make-out session between the two, which, no doubt, would have reminded us all of Henry Fonda asking Katherine Hepburn, in On Golden Pond, "You wanna dance or suck face?" Uh, please dance. Good thing there's Novak, huh? Redirecting Agent Pearce. Sometimes we Pearces need to be reminded just exactly what our job is. "Is your job dropping moves on the First Lady or is it being in charge of everything Secret Service from now until the end of time - or at least your time as you're likely to die sooner or later on this show?" Methinks it's the latter.

Speaking of which, I probably need to be doing my job in getting to work.

On a more serious note, I sorta think here in The Realm, despite all my best intentions and former posts, there are a "ton more people" (a relative phrase meaning: about 5 of the 6 of us) watching American Idol than there are viewing 24. Which is a royal shame. If you wanted to listen to gray-haired men or men with shaved heads sing, me and Ken, respectively of course although Ken's head isn't shaved all the way even after the worst of his haircuts, could sing for you and save you the trouble. Meanwhile, you wouldn't be wasting your time if it was well spent watching the best TV show of our lifetimes, notwithstanding Seinfeld. So, so sad... what's a matter with these kids today? (Not that I want to sound patronizing or condescending to subjects of The Realm, but I guess I just did.)

So lemme just ask this if any of you read this far: Do any of you guys know who or what I'm talking about at all?


Maeghan said...

Hi Rich,
I know I must have been extra extra busy at work when I realised I missed so many posts! So I am starting with this one and working down: reading and commenting, (if I have anything coherent to say, that is).

So lemme just ask this if any of you read this far: Do any of you guys know who or what I'm talking about at all?

Haha ... I have only read your first para and then the on a more serious note; only because I have no idea who Agent Aaron Pearce is :)

Anyway, looks like I have nothing much to comment here other than I'm glad to be back :)

codepoke said...


Cannot help you with either show. I saw season 1 and maybe 2 of 24 on DVD. Truly a great show. (You've seen the Jack Bauer humor, right? You're only alive because Jack decided to let you live?)

I didn't think they let anyone grey-headed on American Idol? Of course, I also thought that a grey head meant you were too smart to be caught on it, but there you have it.

As for Pearce's rising quickly, just 113 days!

WandaV said...

Me! me! Me! I watch the show!!! I'm glad they haven't killed off Aaron (yet0. We like him.

We also like Chloe. Did you see her zap the sleazy guy in the bar?! That was funny. But when she zapped him again as he finally woke up? Priceless!!! You go girl!

Don't mess with Chloe!


Rich said...


Yeah, Chloe's cool. Just a character personality you wouldn't expect to find on television.


Glad to have you back. :)