Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bluejeans Believe It or Not

I've now talked to a guy who actually purchased a $1,200.00 pair of jeans. That's correct. One thousand two hundred dollars. (Tax not included.) He's employed by my company, albeit he lives and works in Texas. My first thought was... only in California, but NO! San Antonio, Texas.

Maybe some of the Thinklings guys from Houston sport these babies. Or b! She's in Texas. Perhaps she's running around in these duds. How 'bout in Oklahoma, Millie? That's close to Texas. Without much hesitation, I can say I haven't seen $1,200 jeans here in H-ville, AL. And as long as I'm on this earth, I don't think I'll ever don denim that feels nice enough for which I'd shell out over a grand. I hear I should never say never, but even if the dollar hyperinflates, I can't see it. It ain't happening. I feel stuffy enough whenever I'm in a suit, and it's been a year or two since I've had one of those blasted things on.

But I digress. Remember Ken's The Hardest Things to Find post? Well, I never would have thought I'd find a guy wearing $1,200 jeans. $1,200 worth of denim. Will wonders never cease? Anyone in retail want to take an educate guess at the mark-up on those puppies? (Probably about $1,200 dollars, give or take.) Anyhoo, if it was on Ken's list, which it wasn't -- but if it was -- then we could cross it off, because I've found the guy wearing them.

Did I mention he lives in Texas?


DugALug said...


My goodness. those jeans better cook and tapdance for that price.


B said...

Nope. I haven't seen any $1200 pairs of jeans 'round here. Of course, I do most of my clothes shopping at Ross (a discount store), so I might be out of the loop. I'm actually wearing my most expensive jeans right now: materninty jeans I got for $45. It almost killed me to pay that much. Did you ask him why he bought them?

Rich said...


You better get a lot more than a jig and a few Oscar Meyer weiners for $1.2K.

b -

He never really explained, although asked. He did say, when asked what would happen if someone spilled beer on his jeans, that he wouldn't wear them to a place they might get spilled on, but with that logic, it seems you'd never wear them anywhere -- there's always a chance, I'd figure.

You're right, though, I doubt you're gonna find them at Ross, TJ Maxx, or Steinmart.

codepoke said...

Back in Atlanta there was a clothing store whose motto was, "We sell 'em by the pound".

I guess they weighed your purchase, and charged you accordingly.

I figure these jeans would be a full load for a Hummer.

Maeghan said...

$1200? wow ... that's RM4320 to me! I can get almost 20 pairs of 501 with that.

codepoke said...

That's over 20 pairs of 501's here, too.