Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Wanted to give an update to my post entitled Yesterday.

After the first round of chemotherapy and after the latest bone marrow tests, the doctors found no cancer (leukemia) cells -- that's right: NO CANCER -- in my friend's husband. He still has to go through a couple more rounds of chemo, and it's not something you can ever just stop worrying about -- but this news was nothing other than fantastic!!! When he heard the news, he cried tears of joy, asking, "Can this be true?" He's a worrier, and he had spent a lot of time dwelling on what happens if it turns out bad. Well, so far, it hasn't. And here's hoping it never does.

Anyone who has or is still praying for this man and his family, you have all my gratitude. A lot of people, a lot of churches have, and all praise to our awesome God!!! Of course, with two more rounds of chemo, it doesn't stop here for him, so please keep praying if you can. But also, thanks for rejoicing with me over this. They're a beautiful family, and this has been a difficult time for them.

Thanks again!


DugALug said...


Awsome news. Thanks for the great report.

God Bless

codepoke said...

Posted a praise earlier, when blogger was puking.

So glad you shared the outcome with us, Rich. Praise the Lord, and we pray for equally good news as He completes the healing process.

(Amusingly enough, I made exactly the same typo in the repost.)