Thursday, May 18, 2006

Chick Turned One Yesterday and I Had Some Semi-Related Thoughts

My daughter, that is.

This is the way we do things: my younger son's fifth b-day was in March, but his Kingdom Birthday Party was last weekend. My girl's first b-day was yesterday, which means her party will come, say, maybe sometime in August -- which so happens to be when my birthday is. And, of course, I'm getting to the point where birthdays aren't celebrated so much as hidden and locked under old freezer chests until they suffocate to the point of saying, "Uncle!" and are mentioned no more. My oldest son turns eight in September, and he can just STOP!!!

It truly is amazing how fast time goes. Do you guys remember (and I know this is asking a lot for some of us) when you were young and summer vacation came around? Man, I thought it lasted forever, at least in those years before I was ten. Christmas just never came -- you had to wait like ten years for it. And, unfortunately, when the school year did come around, it was eternal.

Then, something happened and time sped up... Enough of the melancholy.

Anyway, I now have a one-year old girl crawling around the house and cruising when she can. As a prize, she got to go to the pediatrician today for her one year old check-up and got three shots. "Thanks, Daaaaad!" She did well, though. Hardly cried at all. I'm sure she'll be a little sore throughout the day -- but her Nana's got her ;) She'll be all smiles when I go to get her tonight after the Angels' (who are now somehow 4-4-1) baseball game.

Just as important I suppose is that there will be many women playing Bunko at my house tonight, so thank goodness for baseball!!!

The whole point of this post -- well, really there wasn't one -- is that my daughter turned one, and God has blessed me in the greatest of ways. She is a delight, and I love her with everything. It's nice to love like that, isn't it?


DugALug said...

Happy Brithday to your daughter too compadre.

Send me some picks of the kids you slacker!


DugALug said...


I ran into Jeff Deary today, he said 'hello'. Small world. He was suppose to have dinner with Todd, who stood him up at the last minute. Some thinge never change.

God Bless

codepoke said...

Praise the Lord.

The sounds of their small laughter and huge feelings still fills my memories. Munchkins are great.

Milly said...

It's a wonderful life.:-}

Maeghan said...

Kids are the joy of our lives ... especially in dreary times :)

DugALug said...

Amen to that Maeghan.