Friday, May 12, 2006

Best of KCS (or Ken Story's Greatest Hits Post)

Since I've been out building a castle the last couple days, I haven't been able to post. The big party is tomorrow, so Saturday's probably out, too (I'll give the party update on Monday). Due to the lack of activity here at The Realm, I've decided to run a Best of KCS list of posts links to keep you guys occupied for the next couple of days. The CD cover pic is pasted over there on the left. As we know, Ken's the Big Train!

So turn down the lights, and turn up the neons. Point the lights on Ken and let him shine. This is his 15 minutes of fame! Drum roll please. Here's your Ken Story Greatest Hits list of links (Ba Ba Ba Bum!!!)

wow. That was a short list.

Would you believe I wasted our 300th post of all time on this? Go figure.


codepoke said...

Dude, you win the "cold" award. What about that post that got 37 comments?

DugALug said...


Ummmm, where's the love brother? Can we just get Along? Hug one another?

Much Love Brother!