Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Something's Going On

All morning long and now into the afternoon, I haven't been able to see our blog... well, nothing but the header quote. Yet, I can write and publish a post like this one that no one will be able to read until the blog comes back up, which, of course, we hope happens in our lifetimes because if not, no one will ever get to read what I'm writing now.

Heeeeeeeeeey now. That gives me an idea. Just for the fun of it! I can say whatever I want, and no one can read it, heh heh heh.


Oops. What's that old saying about character is what you are when no one's watching?

Then, I guess, er, Ken is a nice goon?


codepoke said...

Been here before, haven't we?

Not the Ken stuff. I know that's original, but the blog being hidden at the bottom of the page stuff. It was caused by a line being too wide somewhere.

(And anyone with a feed reader will see any post before they ever get to your site.)

Of course, this dry, informational comment hardly deserves permission to burden such a creative masterpiece of a post. :-) It really should hit the dustbin of moderation.

codepoke said...

I commented on this. Did it get through?

Rich said...

Just got the comments a minute ago. Somehow, I really do think the blog was down. I kept getting the "Warning: This page has expired" tag whenever I'd try to open it.

Now to find the line that's too long. {Sigh}

DugALug said...

Rich, Codepoke,

The page was down for a couple hours.


codepoke said...

Yeah, most of the blogger sites have a complaint in the comments somewhere it seems.

I do notice that Ken's goonishness is down a little, though. ;-)